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Fishing reports are written weekly throughout the open fishing season based on Fireside Lodge guests reports of their daily fishing experiences while fishing at Fireside Lodge


Fireside Lodge Opening Fishing Report 5/24 to 5/31 2014
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Fireside Lodge Opening Fishing Report 5/24 to 5/31 2014

 43-inch Trophy Northern Pike by Don Foley at Fireside Lodge Canada

This week kicked off our 25th year at Fireside Lodge with great weather and even better fishing. After a long cold snowy winter & very late ice out we had temperatures well above normal for our first week fishing in 2014.

 Huge Lake Trout caught by Greg Foley at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Don & Greg Foley from Crownsville and Pasadena, MD were backTrophy 41-inch Northern Pike by Don Foley at Fireside Lodge Canada for their 4th consecutive year to chase Northern Pike. They have a passion pursuing these great fighters catching over 30 one day, 60, and over 50 on two other days of Pike fishing. Most were 26 to 33? some were 34-37? and Don caught two Trophy Northern Pike his first measuring 41? and the second at a Huge 43?. They also had two fabulous days Smallmouth Bass fishing with another Fireside Lodge guest Frank Hazzard, (read the results below), who they met four years ago. Both left having another memorable fishing experience between father & son, and we thank them for choosing Fireside Lodge to spend this special time together.

 Big Northern Pike by Diane Siebenthal at Fireside Lodge in Canada

Frank Hazzard from Arlington, TX returned for his 24th year in aGreat Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada by Larry Siebenthal row. First day Frank and a friend caught 80+ Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day Frank with Don & Greg Foley caught 128 Smallmouth Bass. Several Northern Pike, Greg landed a 31? Lake Trout & Don caught an 18.5? Smallmouth Bass. WOW what a great day fishing!! Two days later this trio did it all over again catching over 80 Smallmouth 15? to 17.5? inches & 12 Northern Pike. After visiting Fireside Lodge for 24 consecutive years Frank really knows Little Vermilion Lake during the opening time period and on the other days while fishing solo caught from 30 to 65 Smallmouth ever day. He also landed some nice Lake Trout, a few Muskie, some Whitefish and a 40? Tiger Musky. Frank is one of the nicest people you can meet & he will always be found talking with & assisting other guests helping make their trip special. Frank is truly a special man, and those of you who have met him know exactly what I mean.

44-inch Trophy Muskie Fishint at Fireside Lodge by Tim Stewart

Trophy 45-inch Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Bryan Neel lllTim Stewart & Bryan Neel lll from Rochester, MN returned for their 12th straight year, most years coming twice. In Bryan??s own words ?? we had another great fishing trip?. They caught many Northern Pike and because of the water being ice cold (ice went out just 4 days before they arrived) they also caught many Lake Trout while fishing for Pike. The largest was a 38.5? MONSTER caught by Tim. Tim also caught a Huge Trophy Muskie measuring 44?. They both caught a lot of Pike 33-38? but Bryan had the Giant Trophy Lake caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge Trout by Tim Stewartcatch of the week hooking & landing an absolute Giant Trophy Northern Pike. It was 45? & had a massive girth. As always we also had a bunch of laughs in the lodge every night at suppertime. Both said they hope to return this summer during the last week in September.


Great Smallmouth Fishing by John & Trent ElmerFabulous Smallmouth Bass by Father & Son Pete & John Elmer

John Elmer from Noblesville, IN returned with his son Trent and Trophy Canadian Smallmouth Fishing by Trent Elmer with Grandpa PeteDad Pete from Champaign, IL for a three generations family fishing adventure. They had a fabulous time enjoying being together and caught many fish in four days. Their daily results were 30+ Monster Trophy Lake Trout Fishing Canada by Trent ElmerSmallmouth with Trent landing a 30? Lake Trout, 50 Smallmouth, 12 Northern Pike 28-35? and Trent landed a GIANT 35? Lake Trout, 40+ Smallmouth Bass & 12 Northern Pike with Trent landing a Trophy 18? Smallmouth Bass & John caught a HUGE 38.5? Northern Pike. Their 4th & final day was tremendous Smallmouth fishing catching 60+ along with about 10 nice Northern Pike. All had a great time and went home with the biggest catch of all, the family memories made at Fireside Lodge.

 My 1st Trophy Northern Pike Caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Diane Siebenthal

Long time guests Larry & Diane Siebenthal from Creve Coeur, IL Nice Tiger Muskie by Larry Siebenthal Fishing at Fireside Lodgewere happy to be back. DOA on 1st night they caught 18 Northern Pike in just a few hours. 1st full day they caught 35 Northern Pike with Diane toping her personal best landing a 37? Pike. The rest of the week they did great landing numbers of Northern Pike many being 32- 34 inches. They said out of their many trips Pike fishing they caught he most during this week and they also caught some nice Smallmouth Bass while taking a break from the toothy critters. They also took time to take some wonderful scenery Lake Trout caught by Larry Siebenthal Fishing Canadapictures, had shore lunch at Twin Falls while taking some great photos of the raging water caused by our high water conditions. The last day was very memorable catching 22 Northern Pike most being large 34-36?ers and Diane topped her personable best for the 2nd time this week landing a HUGE 40? Master Anglers Award Northern Pike. Both left a little sad but with wonderful memories, despite missing their son & daughter-in-law Scott & Candy.


 Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Diane Siebenthal on Little Vermilion Lake Canada


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Hot Lures: Twister Tail, Spinner Bait, Hair Jig, Tube Jig, Spoon, Huge Northern Pike by John Elmer & Dad Pete Fishing at Fireside Lodge CanadaX-Rap, Yo-Zuri


Catches of The Week: Northern Pike-45?43?41?40?38.5? Smallmouth Bass-18.5? 3 People 128 Smallmouth Bass in 1 day most 15 to 17.5?, Lake Trout 38.5?, 35?, 33?, 32?? 30? Muskie 44? Tiger Musky 40?


Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan





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