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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 9/1 to 9/8 2012
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 9/1 to 9/8 2012

 Monster 45.5

Weather was super for this time of year and the Fishing was even better to end our last open week of the 2012 Fishing Season.

 GIANT 44-inch Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Releasing 44-inch Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Long time guest Bill Hochstetter from Rockford, IL brought, for his first trip to Fireside Lodge, brother-in-law Jim Trier from Byron, IL. 1st day Jim hit the grand slam as he caught Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and landed his first ever Musky. Second day was very windy but they managed to still catch some Smallies, & spent the majority of their day looking for 38.5-inch Northern Pike Fishing Fireside Lodge Canadathat Big Musky that eluded them today. 3rd day they had fun catching some Smallmouth Bass catching a half dozen Pike. 4th day had them having a lot of follows, catching 8 nice Northern Pike up to the mid 30? range. These two do not lack having fun with each other continuously giving each other jazz, finding them at the end of the day enjoying a refreshment & a fine cigar. 5th & final day, in search for a big fish, they caught some nice fish in the 28-32? range plus they had some big fish follows, or as Bill always says ??they surrounded them? but had no takers. As Bill was describing their day he say there was no lack of action with fish strikes, and some lost fish. They both said they had a great time during their stay, making brother-in-law fishing memories.

 My 1st Muskie caught Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

First time guests Brian Klimes & son Zachary from Willow Springs, IL and Michael Spencer & son Robert from Burr Ridge, IL were excited to try out Father with Son catching Big Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge in Canadasome new waters. DOA & 1st day was spent gaining some knowledge of Little Vermilion Lake by exploring & finding some areas we discussed at the tackle shop. Whenever fishing new waters there are adjustments to be made in finding fishing locations & productive presentations. Well, this group did very well doing this as by the second day they were right into the fish catching over 30 Smallmouth Bass of various sizes, including a lot of bigger Smallies, with Mike catching 2 master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18 and a GIANT 20?. They also caught a number of nice Northern Pike with Zack catching a 30?er, & also coming up with a 34? while fishing a surface Having Fun Smallmouth Bass Fishing in CanadaWhopper Plop per given to them by long time guests Jane & Bob Babcock through a random act of kindness. The frosting on the cake was Brian hooking into & landing a GIANT 44? Muskie on a Hula Popper. WOW!!! What a great day fishing & catching. 3rd & final day was another ??FABULOUS? day for these fathers & sons catching 25 Smallmouth Bass per boat & numerous Northern Pike, with Zack landing a BIG 31?er, Robert catching a 34? Pike again on the Whopper Plop per. He also, on this same lure, caught his 1st ever Muskie measuring in at 33?. What a GREAT finish to a wonderful memory making fishing trip between fathers and their sons. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make these special memories.

 Father & Son Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Mike Ubelherr from Stow, Oh returned for his second trip with us this year & for his 7th time. 1st day out Mike caught 5 nice Northern Pike and saw a heart stopper Muskie, as it followed his lure then just swam off slowly. 2nd day was very windy but Mike still caught some nice Northern Pike including a 34? heavy Pike. Third day looked like a beautiful fishing day Solo Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canadabeing overcast and calm, but the fish were not agreeing. 4th & final day was great even though Mike had to battle the high winds & waves all day long by himself. It is a challenge to control the boat, fish, hook & land a fish by yourself, let alone in tough lake conditions. On top of that Mike caught a good number of nice size Northern Pike, & had a few big boys follow his lure to the boat. Mike has been working on getting pictures of his fish catches and a few turned out good. The one your seeing was his best photo of the bunch & was taken on the roughest day. Mike had another great stay with us & plans on returning in 2013.

Trophy Northern Pike Lake Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada  

Dean & Sandra Hagness from Custer, WI were visiting us at Fireside Lodge for their first time. DOA Sandy stole the show catching 4 nice Pike right off Fat 35-inch Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canadathe bat including a 35?Pike with HUGE girth. 1st day of fishing they did very well catching 10 Smallmouth Bass and 10 Northern Pike with Dean landing a big Smallmouth fly-fishing measuring just short if 18? and Sandy caught a Trophy 19? Smallmouth Bass. GREAT 1st day fishing anywhere. Third day they had a good fishing day catching 15 fish, with 10 being Northern Pike & the rest Smallmouth Bass. Another highlight of their day was having a shore lunch by Twin Falls. They really enjoyed the Falls area, amazed at the amount of water that flows through this area, and had fun cooking lunch over an open fire. The only problem is there was too much to eat and it seemed to slow them down a bit. That evening Dean fished by himself catching 8 nice Northern Pike in 90 minutes, which made the fish total for the day 23. 3rd day they caught 4 Woman Trophy Fishing Smallmouth Bass in CanadaSmallmouth Bass and 6 Pike with a major cold front hitting us in the afternoon. 4th & final day was a portage for Muskie & Smallmouth Bass. Spending about a half day there they did great as they caught some nice Smallmouth, Sandy landing two HUGE Trophy Bass, largest being over 18.5?. Also, Dean caught the Muskie he was searching for landing a beauty, 37? fat fish. The second half day was on Little Vermillion Lake were they caught some great Northern Pike including a 34? and a GIANT 39.5? Pike. Great finish to a wonderful fishing trip for these two, as they left telling us we had the best service, accommodations, everything being top notch compared to there many trips elsewhere.

 BIG Musky are a Blast to catch Fishing in Canada

Fly Fishing at Fireside Lodge for Trophy Smallmouth Bass in CanadaThe Beauty at Sunsets Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Bob & Jon Rheinhardt from Orland Park & Aurora, IL returned to Fireside Lodge for their 9th year. Their home away from home, as Bob 

calls it. The DOA Bob wasted no time as before supper he caught a 32.5 ?? Trophy 42.5Musky & 5 Northern Pike at 28?, 32? 34? 38.5? and a HOG Trophy Pike measuring 45.5?. They caught 4 more pike after supper. WOW, what a great start. 1st full day they caught a bunch of Northern Pike up to 31? & Jon in an attempt to catching up to his dad, hooked & landed an enormous 42? Northern Pike. Jon is every bit of 6??3? and the fish looks big with him holding it. 2nd day had them catching a lot of Northern Pike up to 32?. 3rd day had them catching Pike up to 31? & saw a few huge fish. One was a Muskie which followed Jon in two times estimated to be in the mid-40? range. 4th day they had a fabulous day catching some Northern Pike & 5 Muskie. ??That??s right 5 Musky?. John landed the largest, a fat 38?er. 5th & 6th days they caught a lot of Northern Pike in the 26 to 35? range, a few Muskie, & saw some ??Big Dogs? which eluded there fishing skills. Both had another GREAT father & son Fishing trip at Fireside Lodge.

Many BIG Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Brothers Russell & David Maynard from St Joseph, MO & Seattle, WA were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day they learned a portion of Little Vermilion Lake catching some nice Northern Pike & Brothers Fishing BIG Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge CanadaSmallmouth Bass in the process. 2nd day they choose to use some live bait to increase their numbers & did it ever as they were back at noon for more leeches. At the end of the day they caught close to 30 Smallmouth Bass with David landing a HUGE 19? Master Anglers Award Trophy Smallmouth Bass. Their 3rd / 4th & final days produced the same results catching 25-30 fish per day, with most Smallmouth being 14-17.5? & David caught another Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18.5?. They also caught various sizes of Pike. In the end these two brothers had continuous conversation, many laughs, & made another set of fishing memories together.

 1 of 2 Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see some GREAT Fish Photos. For Fabulous Fishing Video, Wildlife Events, and Current Happenings go to our Social Sites Below.

 GREAT Smallmouth Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Fly Fishing for BIG Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge Canada







Hot Lures: Mepps Musky Killer, Muskie Magnum, Hula Popper, Sinking Worm, Suick, Believer, Blue Fox Spinner. Mini Cranks, Live Leeches


Catches of The Week: Northern Pike 45.5?, 42? Muskie 44?, 38?, Smallmouth Bass 20?,19?, 18.5?

 Wilderness Beauty Surrounds You Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Special Note: Hard to believe another fishing season has gone by, our 23rd at Fireside Lodge. Audrey & I want to give special thanks to all of our guests this year & for the last 23-years for making Fireside Lodge come alive every season & allowing us to realize our goals & live an incredible life in the wonderful wilderness which surrounds us at Fireside Lodge. We have always felt a certain magic at Fireside Lodge & it is you, all of our guests, who bring that magic out & make it a reality. We cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful years & memories made. We are already looking forward to the 2013 fishing season & hope to visit with you then. Sincerely, Audrey & Alan

 Sunsets Fishing at Fireside Lodge are Amazing in Canada

Well, that's it for our Fireside Lodge Fishing News Reports for the 2012 Fishing Season. To keep in contact on what's happening at Fireside Lodge throughout the fall, winter, & early spring months go to our Website, Facebook, Youtube, & Twitter social sites below. Fishing reports will resume in May of 2013 and Until then, "Keep On Fish'n" Alan




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