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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 8/2 to 8/9 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report August 2nd to August 9th 2008

Summer stability has finally arrived as for the past three weeks we have been into a summer pattern. This pattern still has a few rain showers and thunderstorms with it, however they have been much milder and less frequent. For those of you here earlier this year, the water has reseeded enough to have the dock decking showing, however we are still weighting the dock down because of high water levels.

Paul Doran from Huntley, IL returned to Fireside Lodge for his second time bringing his son Alex. Paul started fishing in a familiar area and within 5 minutes him and Alex doubled up on Smallies. They did very well catching Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike, the largest being 33-inches. Second day was a Pike fishing day, and they had great action landing 36 total fish. Third day was a combination of Smallmouth Bass and toothy critters. They caught a lot of fish along with quality fish, and Adam having a boys dream day catching an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallie and his first Musky ever landing a brute measuring 37.5-inches. The Pike caught were nice size, most in the low 30??s, and the largest being 33-inches. Fourth day was break day taking ½ day to rest and re-group, and the other half they caught some nice Smallmouth and Northern Pike. Fifth day Alex was up early ready to go and their adventure today was going to Hooch Lake. They really enjoyed the day, having a ball exploring new waters and Alex had lots of fun surface fishing for Pike. Hooch Lake is known for its Pike surface action. The day was perfect weather wise and they caught some nice Northern Pike and a few good Smallmouth. These two reminded me of lake fishing vacations when I was a kid, as they enjoyed all the aspects a fishing vacation brings out, not just the catching. Their last day was spent catching fish, having a shore lunch cooked over an open fire, and just having a great time together soaking up there last hours with the wonderful wilderness that we have at Fireside Lodge. Fabulous memories were made between Paul and Alex, to be remembered for the rest of their lives.

Father and sons Walter, Daniel, and David Slepawic from Homer Glen and Lockport, IL James and Shawn Cummings, Donald Prauczh, and Victor Saldana all from Chicago, IL returned to Fireside Lodge. For Victor it was his first time at Fireside Lodge and his first experience fishing in Canadian Waters. Shawn set the pace for this group as on the evening of arrival day, on his very last cast, he hooked and landed a 44-inch Master Anglers Award Tiger Muskie. WOW!!! What a start. First full day Walter, Dan, Dave, and Don caught some Northern Pike and Smallmouth, and the story from these four was while Don was fighting a Smallmouth a Muskie attacked the Smallmouth, let go, and attacked it a second time un-hooking the Smallmouth and hooking itself. After a great fight Don landed the Musky. Shawn, Jim, and Victor had a fabulous day catching a lot of Northern Pike. Victor said he cold not believe the amount of Northern Pike they caught not to mention the strikes and follows. Second day had Walter, Don, Dan, and Dave fishing for Musky getting some follows, and caught some Northern Pike. Shawn, Jim, and Victor had a good day catching Smallmouth and Northern Pike with both Jim and Shawn loosing a Muskie. Anytime someone looses a Muskie it hurts, however Shawn??s was very painful as he lost a HUGE Muskie. All three had a good look at it as the fish leaped fully out of the water right in front of their boat, took off and wrapped Shawn??s line around a rock and broke his 45lb test line. Disappointing, Yes! Thrilling Double YES!!!! Third day the whole group, as Walter said, caught Northern Pike, more Pike, and even more Pike. Victor came up with the catch of the day landing a BIG 39-inch Northern Pike. Fourth day the group caught some fish and Jim decided to hike in the bush on one of our back trails. He really enjoyed seeing the Boreal Forest from the inside out instead of the outside in. Dave and Dan from this group caught a few big Muskie Dave??s measuring 41-inches and Dan??s was a Huge-Very Heavy 42-incher. As Dave put it when compared Dan??s looked like it ate Dave??s Muskie for lunch. The last day was spent catching a lot of Northern Pike and soaking up the beautiful day and the beauty that surrounds you when fishing in Northwest Ontario.

John and Adam Hiemenz from Oswego, IL found themselves at Fireside Lodge for fishing of course, but also to enjoy the great wilderness and wildlife in the Vast Boreal Forest that surrounds us. These two had a great day catching some Northern Pike during the day, and while fishing they spotted an eagles nest with eaglets in the nest. Terrific sight for anyone to see, and one of the great benefits of fishing it the Canadian Wilderness of Northwest Ontario. That evening they discovered leeches and caught some Smallmouth Bass, with Adam cashing in and landing an 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallie. Second day was great catching a few Muskie and a lot of Northern Pike, 25 plus or minus a few. Third day was slower catching only a few Northern Pike, but again in the evening they got into Smallmouth and this time it was John being a Smallmouth Bass Master Anglers catching an 18-incher. Fourth day they did well in Hooch Lake catching Northern Pike, a few Smallmouth, and it was a special day for Adam as he caught a Huge 40-inch Tiger Muskie. This is a GREAT catch for a young lad of 16, and the smile on his face told the whole story. Their fifth and final day was a little slower during the day, but after supper the lake gave them a good send off as they caught a lot of bigger Northern Pike, and did this while having a beautiful Canadian Sunset as a backdrop. John and Adam had a wonderful father and son fishing vacation at Fireside Lodge, made priceless memories, and as John wrote in our guest book, ??Caught more fish during their stay at Fireside Lodge than in their lifetime?.

The Frantz Family, Steve and his son Nick from Geer, SC and Mathews, NC, father and son Jeff and Mike from Southbury and Milford, CT and John from Grass Valley, CA were returning to Fireside Lodge for their third time. They day of arrival has always been good to these guys and this was no exception, as they caught 10-12 Northern Pike, along with some nice Smallmouth Bass, and John was the pace setter as he caught a GIANT 19.25-inch Giant Master Anglers Smallmouth. First day was another story with Nick, while using a Polish Pike he purchased at Fireside Lodge two years ago, as he lifted the lure out of the water a big Pike sky-rocked out of the water and hit the bait as it was 6-inches out of the water. The fish was caught and the Polish Pike was destroyed, so guess what Nick was purchasing another at the tackle shop after supper. Second day they did well catching Smallmouth and Northern Pike, but the hot lure turned to a Blue Fox Spinner. Third day the group decided to hunt for Muskie and BIG fish. Jeff caught a 30-inch Muskie by suppertime and the group caught a few other fish, but most of their day consisted of getting a lot of follows and seeing a number of very large fish. So, in a way the day was successful in that they contacted a lot of large fish. That evening Nick did catch a very large 35-inch Northern Pike, as it was exceptional in girth and weight. Next day Steve and Mike fished together and caught about a dozen Smallmouth while the threesome of Jeff, John, and Nick were the BIG fish boat. Jeff and John had a fabulous big fish day as John caught two Muskie measuring 38 and 37.5-inches, and Jeff caught Northern Pike of 38.5, 36, and two 34-inchers. Jeff also lost a Monster and Nick had a Gigantic fish up to the boat. At their supper table on their last evening, I asked how their last day was and Steve responded, by saying how wonderful all their days have been, and the others all conformed. They had fun catching fish, enjoying many laughs, and with the camaraderie amongst this close knit family. They made a third set of great family memories at Fireside Lodge and said there will be a fourth. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge as your family fishing destination.

Returning for there fifth consecutive year were father and son George and Joshua Carney and father-in-law/grandpa Tom Miller all from Madison, WI. The day of arrival, before supper, these three caught a lot of Northern Pike, George saying they caught all different sizes, and Tom came up with the BIG BOY, or more likely Girl, as he landed a HUGE 42-inch Master Anglers Award Pike. After the fish followed Tom up to the boat, Tom helicoptered his spinner bait down, and the big fish hit. After a great fight the Northern Pike was landed, photographed, and released to be caught again. To see this catch go to our 2008 photo page listed below. Second day was full of fast action and fun for these three as they caught well over 60 Northern Pike. Third day was a little slower day before supper catching some Smallmouth Bass and Josh had a mid 45-48-inch fish hooked and up to the boat only to be lost through the netting process. Disappointing, YES!! However better to have he opportunity to land a BIG fish and miss it than that not to have the opportunity at all. Fourth day was FABULOUS in many different ways. First they caught 60 to 70 Northern Pike with a lot of fish over 30-inches up to 36-inches. The weather was perfect, shore lunch cooked over an open fire wars superb, and great family memories were made. Both George and Tom told Audrey and I that the day was so perfect they wish they could bottle it to enjoy in the future. The last day was spent catching plenty of fish, both Smallmouth and Northern Pike, enjoying another beautiful day, and soaking up the wilderness atmosphere the Boreal Forest provides.

Returning to Fireside Lodge for their third time were Jim and John Dickerson from Mokena, IL and Noblesville, IN with John??s son from Indianapolis, IN, and three newcomers of Richard Flynn also from Noblesville, IN Gary Hiner from Fishers, IN and Edward Wright from Cincinnati, OH. James Dickerson from Hobokew, NJ and Rick Bradstreet from Hales Corners, WI would be joining the rest of the crew on Wednesday evening for the last three days of fishing. First evening out John and John II were being called cheaters as they purchased and used leeches for Smallmouth Bass. After their evening results all in the group changed their tune, all ordering leeches for the next day. During their first two full days of fishing, as a group, they caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass sizes between 13 to 16 inches, and few 17-inch plus, and Rich caught an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Third day was a relaxing day with less fishing than their previous two days except for Jim and Ed as they caught a good number of sizable Smallmouth Bass and landing a few nice Northern Pike, John having the best measuring 33-inches. Fourth day was a little slower from some, however John II came through catching some nice Smallmouth including an 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. John II seems to be making a habit of this and the others were letting him know this a little. Their last two days were filled with Smallmouth and Northern Pike action, catching a lot of fish and having a ball with family and friends. All left thoroughly enjoying every aspect of their stay at Fireside Lodge.

Brad Sammons from Greenwood, IN was returning to Fireside lodge with his sons Ryne and Braiden for their fourth consecutive year. First day on the water was great as they caught Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and a Musky, and the boys each caught a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. First full day of fishing they caught a lot of fish, both Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike and Brad did it again catching an absolute MONSTER Tiger Muskie measuring 44-inches, a qualifying Master Anglers Award Musky. This fish was a brute being fat and wide all the way down to the tail. Second day they caught plenty of Smallmouth and Northern Pike losing few Musky. Third day they caught many Northern Pike. In fact they caught so many Pike that Ryne quit and laid down in the bottom of the boat because he was so tired of catching Northern Pike. That??s a GREAT DAY Northern Pike fishing. Fourth day was another good day fishing for these three with the highlight being Braiden catching a GIANT Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass measuring 20-inches. His technique was unique in that he was half asleep just hanging his bait over the side of the boat. Look forward to viewing this catch on my website under the 2008 photo page. Last two days were spent catching a lot of Smallmouth, Northern Pike and a few Muskie. All had another GREAT family vacation and hope to return in 2009.

Brother John and Pete Lamontagna from Downers and Glen Ellyn, IL and good friends John Zeng and Keith Marks from Naperville, and Glen Ellyn, IL were back hunting Muskie for their fourth consecutive year. As always these guys were predominantly Muskie fishing. On their first day the Musky won the battle as they had many BIG follows but no takers. Keith did catch a fabulous Northern Pike measuring 39.5-inches, just missing the Mater Anglers size by half an inch. Next day Pete caught a beauty 40-inch Musky by 9:30 AM and a few casts later landed a 35-inch heavy Northern Pike. Rest of the day was full of more BIG follows. During the day on their third day they targeted and caught a lot of Northern Pike, about 40+ per boat, and had lots of fun with the action. After supper it was back to what these guys like the best, fishing for BIG FISH. Well, Pete again came up with a nice 36-inch Musky on his confidence bait, the TOP Raider. Brothers Pete and John had the hot hand on day four with Pete catching another Muskie at 38-inches and a 34-inch Pike and John landed a 36-inch Musky. As for the evening fish that day they all confessed the next morning at Breakfast that they stayed in and had a few beer and good conversation on the cabin deck. What??s wrong with that? Nothing, however these four thought they committed a fishing crime and had to confess to someone. Their penance was to go out and fish for Musky. I think they will be found sitting on their deck in the evening more often. Their last two days were spent searching for BIG Musky while catching some Northern Pike and Smallmouth. All saw a lot of big follows, caught a few in the high 30-inch range, but the monsters just showed their face and were not co-operative. When fishing for large fish it??s better to have a follow and not catch them than to not see the fish at all. All had a great stay and hope to return to catch the fish that evaded them this year.

Bernie Duchinsky and Bill Bartley from Springfield, MO returned to Fireside Lodge for their fifth time. On their day of arrival they went out for a few hours before supper and caught 28 Smallmouth Bass. The next day they caught so many Smallmouth Bass in the morning they were back at the dock by 11:30AM looking to buy another four dozen leeches because they used their first four dozen up catching Smallmouth Bass. By the end of the day their tally was 49 nice 15-16-inch Smallmouth. Great day. Second day they were off to another lake to catch Walleye, and did the ever do great, landing 27, all over 18-inches and two in the 26-inch range. That evening it was back to Smallmouth Fishing and they caught over 30. Third day was toothy critter day and they did well catching exactly 43 of Northern Pike. They were all smiles and took the evening off just relaxing after supper sitting at the end of the dock having good conversation. Fourth day was another portage lake where they caught 59 Smallmouth Bass, Bill catching another Master Anglers Award Smallmouth at 18.5-inches. He also had a run where he caught 4-5 Smallmouth in a row over 17-inches. WOW, what great Smallie action. Last day they ended their trip on a high note catching a bunch of Smallmouth Bass. Both hope to return in 2009.

Ron and Lisa Vincent from Sherrills Ford, NC were back to Fireside Lodge for their fifth time together and for Ron??s ninth consecutive year. Ron will be with us for two weeks as his son and good friend Mike Heath and son Tyler meet up with Ron for week two. There first day they just tore the Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike up catching many and quality fish. They ended up with 5 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, Ron catching four and Lisa one, but it was the largest measuring a Monstrous 20-inches. WOW, what a start. It was so good we all thought it must have been Ron??s birthday, but we figured out it was the benefit of coming back to Fireside Lodge year after year and learning the waters. Second day was a fun day catching 50 plus Smallmouth Bass two Muskie. Third day was fabulous as they searched for Musky and BIG Smallies for half a day and Ron landed one 33-inch Muskie, a Monster Smallmouth at 20-inches, another at 18.25-inches and Lisa caught a GIANT 19.5-inch Smallmouth in the same spot she caught a 19-incher last year. She said she thought it was the same fish as last year and it grew a half-inch. Second half of day they went Pike fishing and caught about 40 Northern Pike. Fourth day had Lisa guiding the boat for the first half day. She took interest in this the day before and after a little motor and boat-handling instruction from Ron Lisa took hold of the helm. Well, the results were great as she guided Ron to catching over 20 Northern Pike before noon. Ron took over for the second half of day and they caught half as many fish. I concluded Ron was a very good teacher and Lisa an excellent learner. Next day they explored new waters, had a ball, and caught 14 Northern Pike, a few Walleye, Lisa catching her first ever, and eight Smallmouth Bass.
Sixth and final day for Lisa they caught a mix of Northern Pike and Smallmouth, enjoyed the beautiful day together, as Lisa was leaving and Ron was staying another week to fish with his son and very good friend with his son. Lisa had a fabulous stay and hopes to return with Ron in 2009.

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see the 2008 Photos

Hot Lures of The Week: Blue Fox Spinner, X-Rap, Polish Pike, Torpedo, Bull Dog, Live Leeches, Top-Raider, Tubes

Catches of the Week: two 44-inch Tiger Musky, 40-inch Tiger Musky, 42, 41, & 40-inch Muskie, 38-inch Muskie, three 20-inch Smallmouth Bass, two 19.5 inch Smallmouth, 19.25-inch Smallmouth Bass, 42-inch Northern Pike, 39.5, 39, 38-inch Northern Pike

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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