2008 Fishing Photos

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All fish photos are fish that were caught and released by guests staying at 

Fireside Lodge in 2008 while fishing on Little Vermilion Lake System


monster northern pike in ontario lakes
45-inch Monster Master Anglers Northern Pike by Aaron Hayes from N Aurora, IL 9/08
fall fishing for big northern pike
39-inch Northern Pike by Michele Hayes from N Aurora, IL 9/08
musky hunter magazine muskie ontario
Master Anglers 44" Muskie by John Rasdostits from Kirkland, IL 8/08
fishing resort master anglers smallmouth
Picture Perfect 19.5" Smallmouth by Lisa Vincent, Sherrills Ford, NC 8/08
huge trophy ontario northern pike
Big Man Giant Northern Pike by Jon Rhienhardt, Aurora, IL 9/08
northern pike trophy lakes in ontario
40-inch Master Angles Pike by Bob Rheinhardt, Joliet, IL 9/08
muskie lakes with northern pike canada
Huge Muskie catch by Fran Stack, Lorain, OH 9/08
smallmouth fishing lakes in sioux lookout
Big Bronze Smallmouth by Colleen Stack, Lorain, OH 9/08
master anglers awards for northern pike
40-inch Master Anglers Pike by Fran Stack, Lorain, OH 9/08
musky hunter lakes in ontario
Fabulous Muskie by Mark Westbrook, New Philadephia, OH 8/08
anglers catch trophy smallmouth in ontario
19" Master Anglers Smallmouth by Doc Phillips, Coconut Creek, FL 9/08
many master angles smallmouth bass
18.5-inch Smallmouth by Sam Hameister from Coral Springs, FL 9/08
great fishing lakes for northern pike
GREAT Pike fishing fun by Doc Phillips, Coconut Creek, FL 9/08
northern pike lodge with big fish
Large 38-inch Northern Pike by Charlie Geinosky, Burbank, IL 9/08
ladies muskie anglers in ontario
Beauty 38" Muskie by Michele Hayes from N Aurora, IL 9/08
great muskie fishing in ontario lakes
Terrific Muskie Fishing by Jeff Norkiewicz from Plainfield, IL 8/08
big master anglers smallmouth lake
19.5-inch Master Anglers Smallmouth by Jane Waldron, Midland, MI 8/08
smallie fishing in ontario canada
HUGE Smallie by Charlie Geinosky from Burbank, IL 9/08
monster master anglers northern pike
41.5-inch Northern Pike by Aaron Hayes from N Aurora, IL 9/08
big northern pike lake northwest ontario
BIG Northern Pike by Michele Hayes from N Aurora, IL 9/08
fish for muskie in canada
Great Muskie by Jane Waldron from Midland, MI 8/08
fishing camp for muskie in ontario
Nice 35" Muskie by Dave Norkiewicz from Tinley Park, IL 8/08
lake boat docks with smallmouth bass
Football Smallmouth by Dave Norkiewicz from Tinley PK, IL 8/08
smallmouth in ontario are big
Another GIANT Smallmouth by Mark Westbrook, New Philadelphia, OH 8/08
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