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Fishing reports are written weekly throughout the open fishing season based on Fireside Lodge guests reports of their daily fishing experiences while fishing at Fireside Lodge


Fireside Lodge May 3rd, 2009 Lake Conditions
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Fireside Lodge May 3rd, 2009 Lake Conditions

As of Sunday May 3rd we still had ice just in front of our dock and within two days it receded half way down the lake. By Tuesday May 5th we put our docks together and will be putting boats in the water soon. Things are happening around Fireside Lodge as all the wildlife is coming alive and migratory birds are showing up claiming their territory and nesting grounds. Also, frog night happened on Sunday May 3rd. What's frog night? Well that's when the silence of the forest and swampy areas goes from quiet to a roar of frogs as they just emerged from hibernation. Blue Heron are regularly feeding from the creek that runs through our property, and a pair of Loons were feeding around our docks yesterday. This is a very exciting time of year as you see the silence of the winter turn into a course of natures sounds. We are only 10 days away from opening day and looking forward to a great summer season. Hope to see you this summer, Thanks Alan Brandys / Fireside Lodge

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