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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/9 to 8/16 2014
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/9 to 8/16 2014

 Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by William Reames at Fireside Lodge

The weather this week was all in the low to mid 70??s & and the fishing was ??FABULOUS?.

 Giant Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Steve Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Great Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by LawrenceLong time return guests Brothers Steven & Lawrence Sandler from Richmond Hill & Stouffville, ON returned for their annual fishing trip. DOA before supper they caught 15 Pike up to 30? & after supper was 8-10 Smallmouth Bass all big. 1st day they did well catching Pike with Steve trying out a new lure from my tackle shop with good results. 2nd day was GREAT as they caught over 50 Northern Pike & Steve caught the Smallmouth Bass of his life measuring 19.5?. 3rd day was a very good day catching 22 Pike up to 32? & 15-20 Smallmouth Bass. 4th & final day they enjoyed thoroughly as they caught their favorite fish, Northern Pike up to 32?. Both left sad but satisfied making another set of fishing memories.


Retuning for the 2nd consecutive year father & son Bill & Ben Milburn bringing Bill??s brother-in-law Jim Sanders from Conway, AR. 1st evening on DOA they caught 3 Pike & 10 Smallmouth Bass for a great start. 1st day they had a banner day catching 61 Smallmouth Bass, half on top & half on sinking worms & Ben caught a 19.5? Trophy. 2nd day was all Northern Pike as they caught 107 of these fighters plus 3 17-17.5? Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day they caught 40 Smallmouth before supper & about 5 after. 4th & 5th days they focused on casting & trolling for a Trophy Pike or Muskie, catching some nice size fish but the monster eluded them. All left having a fabulous stay & hope to return to continue their BIG fish hunt.

 Monster Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Mark Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

BIG Thick Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by ChrisReturn Guests Father & Son Don & Matt Ringler, Mark Harms, Phil Earing, & Chris Haberkorn from Strawn, Bellflower, Long Point, Kempton, & Chatsworth, IL were all glad to be here. 1st day Don & Phil caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass up to 17-17.5? & the young guys had a mixed bag catching Smallmouth Bass with Mark & Chris landing Trophies at 18.5 & 19.5? respectively, plus they caught two Muskie, Chris landed a big 37? Northern Pike & Matt lost a 40?+ at boat-side. 2nd day Matt, Mark, & Chris1 of 8 Muskie Fishing by Matt at Fireside Lodge had a great day catching 2 Muskie, Matt??s was a 34?er, several Pike, & had great Smallmouth fishing lading 3 trophies 18-19.5? Matt landing the monster 19.5?er. 3rd day was a lights out day as between both boats they caught 145 Northern Pike & several Smallmouth Bass. Also Phil lost a Muskie of a lifetime. 4th day had Don & Phil fishing for Muskie getting plenty of follows, having one on for an instant. Phil also became a Master Angler for Smallmouth Bass landing a GIANT 19? fish. Matt, Mark, & Chris portaged & caught 17 Walleye by 1PM & then went Muskie fishing having many follows and landing a few Pike & Smallmouth Bass. 6th & final day as a group they landed 4 Muskie, multiple Pike & Smallies with Matt landing the biggest Muskie at 34?. They walked away with 10 Trophy Smallmouth Bass & 8 Muskie, all having a great time & saying they will return.

William with 2nd trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada 

Returning for their 2nd time were Father & son Brian & William Reames from Nashville, TN. 1st day was wonderful having fast action in the morning & late afternoon landing close to 30 nice Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day they did even better rediscovering what worked for them so well the last time they were here, the tube jig. They caught Smallmouth consistently all day long, not keeping count but said it was well over 30 Smallmouth Bass. 3rd & final day had them catching a lot of Smallmouth again with a shad rap & crayfish lure. William ended up with two Trophy Smallmouth Bass, 18 & 18.5? & both left making great father & son memories.

 1 of 4 Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Pat Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Long time guests back for their 7th time were Pat Hobson from Many BIG Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by LarryElwood, IN & Larry Hinshaw from Blue Grass, IA. 1st day out had these two catching 25 Smallmouth Bass; with most being bigger fish including 2 at 18?, & Pat caught a huge 19.5? Trophy. 2nd day they caught about 20 Smallies & their 3rd day was about 15 with Pat landing another Trophy 18.5?er on the last cast of the day. 4th day had 20them Muskie fishing & Larry hooked a big Musky but lost it at the boat when Pat decided to use the net instead of the cradle. The fish was just too big and left the hook in the net as it swam away. Good thing these two are very good friends going back to high school. 5th day had them catching 25 Smallmouth Bass worming wacky style & the word had it that Larry had the hot hand. 6th day they had a 25 Smallmouth Bass day & Pat caught a HUGE Trophy 20? Smallmouth. Day 7,8,9 were similar in that they caught between 10-20 Smallmouth per day, Pat ending up with a total of 4 trophies between 18-20?. Both left wishing they had 1 more day.

 GREAT Muskie Fishing by Tyler at Fireside Lodge Canada

Returning for his 4th time was Michael Heath from New London,HUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Michael at Fireside Lodge NC with sons Tyler & Walker & Jeff Sepesi. 1st day was just crazy as a group catching over 130 Northern Pike & close to 30 Smallmouth Bass, with Jeff landing his 1st Trophy at 18? & Mike had one measuring 19.5?. 2nd day in a row Jeff??s 1st cast of the day caught an 1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Walker at Fireside Lodge18.5? Smallmouth Bass & with Mike caught 29 throughout the day while Tyler & Walker did even better landing over 50 Smallmouth, Tyler catching a nice 34? Muskie plus having some follows. 3rd day it was decided to target Muskie & even though they never landed one Mike stated they had the best possible day fishing without landing a Musky as they had numerous follows from BIG Muskie trying to attack their figure 8 and missing, plus they had a couple on which they lost. 4th & final day was a terrific finish with the group catching 80+ Northern Pike all 28-35? along with 30 Smallmouth Bass including 8 Trophy Smallmouth Bass between 18-19?, with 2 at 19?. WOW what a day. All were sad to leave but very happy with their trip & memories made.

 1st Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Walker at Fireside Lodge

David Henry & son Jacob from St Charles, IL returned for their 204th time. 1st day they had a fabulous Northern Pike day catching 35+ fish. 2nd day was a new adventure fishing Cedarbough having a blast catching Muskie, Pike & Smallmouth Bass with Dave catching the biggest Muskie at 36? & Jacob caught a MONSTER Trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 20?. 3rd & final day they finished strong catching 50+ Northern Pike. Both left making wonderful father & son memories & already talking about next years trip.


Terrific Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada1st time guests Bruce & Brady Roth from Eden Prairie, MN were glad to be here. 1st day & being new they got an assist from Dave & Jacob above and ended up catching a whole bunch of Northern Pike. 2nd day they targeted Smallmouth Bass with limited success as they explored new water for their first time. Third & final day was a special one for Brady as he hooked & landed his first ever Muskie. They left saying they enjoying their stay and wishing they had a little more time.

 Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Tom Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada

Tom & Sharon Dalton from Long Grove, IL were fishing at Fabulous Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass by SharonFireside Lodge for their 1st time. 1st day was spent exploring and catching some Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike. 2nd day Sharon picked their first fishing spot and she was spot on as she caught two Pike on her 1st 2 casts and had a third one hooked that was HUGE but it got off. The rest of they day they continued to catch more Pike, had a few Big Muskie follows, plus Sharon caught a Trophy, 18.5?, Smallmouth Bass on a Buzz Bait over the top of weeds. 3rd & final day was terrific as they caught 50-60 Northern Pike along with a few Smallmouth Bass, Tom landing a Trophy 18? Smallmouth. Both had a great stay & hope to return.

 Big Musky Fishing by Justin at Fireside Lodge Canada

Back to fish were long time return guest Leon Robbins with Troy Reed & Justin Sebastian returning for their 4th & 5th times respectively from Yadkinville, Mt Holly, & Winston Salem, NC. DOA they got right to it catching 35 Northern Pike. 1st full day they really poured it on catching over 80 Northern Pike, Troy caught a 17.5? & 18? Trophy Smallmouth Bass & Justin did the same. 2nd day Leon started things off early in the Morning with a nice 36? Musky.

Terrific Musky Fishing at Fireside Lodge Canada by Leon

The rest of the day had them catching 45-50 more Pike with Troy having a blast catching & missing many Pike using a buzz bait. Leon also caught an 18.5? trophy Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day was all about Muskie as they caught 4, each catching 1 & Leon 2, Justin landing the largest at 35.5?. Leon also caught 2 Trophy Smallmouth Bass at 18 & 19?. 4th day was great catching 40-50 Pike & two Muskie after supper. 5th & final day they caught Smallmouth Bass, some Pike & Troy caught 2 more Muskie making it 9 total for the week.


Returning for their 8th consecutive year was the Holesinger MONSTER Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Matt Fishing at Fireside Lodgefamily of Don & Audrey from Fulton, IL & son Matt from Roscoe, IL. 1st full day was all about size as they caught 23 Smallmouth Bass all in the 17-17.5? range except 7 fish which were all trophy size over 18? with Don lading the two biggest fish a 19 & 19.5? trophy Smallmouth Bass. Matt also lost two others, one being a giant, which he needed psychiatric treatment to get over. 2nd day they had another good day catching 29 Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day was fabulous catching 50+ Pike 26-30? & 4 Trophy 19.5Smallmouth 18-19?, Don again landing the biggest. 4th & final day they had a strong finish catching 56 Smallmouth Bass including several more trophies giving them a total of 17 Trophy Smallmouth Bass between 18 to 19.5?. It was another wonderful family trip making special memories together.

Audrey Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada


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 Audrey & Don Fishing at Fireside Lodge for Trophy Smallmouth Bass

Hot Lures: Sinking Worm, Musky Maribou, Spinner Bait, Tube Jig, Yo-Zuri, Leeches, Shad Rap, Crawdad Crank. Mepps


Catches of The Week: 61 Trophy Smallmouth Bass over 18? including 7-19?, 7-19.5?, 2-20?, 31 Muskie were caught, & 100??s of Northern Pike between 28-36?.

 Boats, Motors & Docks on Little Vermilion Lake at Fireside Fishing Lodge in Canada

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan





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