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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/22 to 9/2 2015
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 8/22 to 9/2 2015

First Trophy Muskie for Steve Stewart Fishing at Fireside Lodge 

This week started with the most severe cold front of the summer lasting 3 days having lots of rain, high wind and dropping temps down to a high of 47.8F on 8/23 & a low on 8/24 of 37F.

Trophy 20-inch Smallmouth Bass by Steve Johnson Fishing at Fireside Lodge 

Long time return guests of 8-years, Steve & Debra Johnson fromTrophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Debra Halltown, MO were very happy to be back. 1st day they did well catching Smallmouth Bass some being quality fish 16 to 19?. 2nd day they caught plenty of Pike & Smallmouth but no picture fish. 3rd & 4th days were severe cold front conditions with all day rain, high winds with the high being only 47.8 degrees. Steve tried it for a while by himself in the afternoon surprising himself catching Pike & hooked a Muskie that came clear out of the water Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodgespitting his hook out at the same time. Next few days Steve tried fishing further from shore in about 15ft of water & that seemed to work as they caught some big Smallmouth Bass with Linda catching what Steve calls a Toad, a Trophy 18.5? Smallmouth Bass with huge girth. 7th day was good with Debra again catching an 18.5? Master Anglers Trophy Smallmouth Bass while Steve caught more numbers, most being 15-17?. 8th day they did really well catching lots of Terrific Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside LodgeSmallmouth with 10-12 being 15-17? & Debra caught another Trophy 18.5? Smallie making that a total of 8 Trophy Bass between 18-19?. 9th day was a great day catching many Smallmouth Bass including 2 more Trophy fish over 18? increasing their trophy total to 10 & just missing on 2 more measuring 17.75?. 10th & final day they finished strong catching lots of Smallmouth, all over 15? many 16.5-17.5? & yes they

BIG Northern Pike While Fishing for Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge

caught their 11th trophy with Steve landing the biggest of the trip a HUGE 20? Smallmouth. He also caught a 36? Northern Pike. This concluded their trip both having had wonderful time making many memories.

 Jerry Miller with a 38-Inch Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Long time guests, since 1994, Larry Beard & Jerry Miller Erwin, John with a Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside LodgeTN returned for their 2nd trip this year coming back with Jon Beard Virginia Beach, VA, John Hook Jonesborough, TN returning for their 2nd & 4th time plus guests Duke Osborne & Bryan Gast Coeburn, VA. DOA Jerry & Brian caught some nice Northern Pike including 2 at 38?. 1st day Brian got a nice Muskie, his 1st ever, John caught an 18.5 football of a Smallmouth & Jon also had a big Trophy Smallie. 2nd day all caught fish Catch Many Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Dukewith Larry & Jon alone landing about 25 Pike. 3rdTrophy Smallmouth Bass by Jon Fishing at Fireside Lodge day brought our most severe cold front of the summer making these avid anglers stay in, but all had a fun & plenty of laughs telling past fish stories. 4th day this group was ready to fish, having an active day with Larry & Jon doing the best catching 40-50 Pike. 5th day despite being slower than they are accustomed to all caught fish & Jerry landed a Trophy Smallmouth Bass.

My 1st Muskie ever Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Bryan
Larry with another BIG Northern Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge

6th & final day they went out big catching so many Northern Pike they lost count. Jerry lost the

BIGGEST Muskie he very saw in the 30 trips with us, the fish straightening out the snap on his leader and Duke caught a nice Tiger Musky. Before leaving Larry said he would be in touch soon to reserve dates for 2016.

 BIG Northern Pike by Sal Fishing at Fireside Lodge

BIG 37.5Ed & Brian Ulch, Sal & Kim Leone, plus father daughter Brian & Sylvia Havlicek all from Solon, IA were visiting us for their 1st time for a family fishing adventure. DOA they caught some fish & Sylvia set the bar catching the largest Pike. 1st full day all caught fish, mostly Northern Pike, and Brian caught a big 17.5? Smallmouth Bass. 2nd day they had to face a severe cold front, which started on day 1, with rain & very windy conditions.

Silvia Fishing for Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge

This is tough conditions for the most experienced on our lake system however the did great fairing the weather all day, being the last boats in for supper and caught some nice fish with Brian having the hot hand at the end catching 10 Northern Pike just before supper. He said the action was fast catching 4 Pike in 4 casts.

Ed Fishing for Large Pike with Family at Fireside Lodge

3rd & final day that front hung around until about noon then finally cleared & got nice. They caught fish throughout the day & had a shore lunch at Twin Falls. During lunch, Sylvia while fishing below the falls got hung up on what she thought was a log. While attempting to free her lure from what she thought was a log, all of a sudden it took off taking line very fast before the lure popped free. Obviously Sylvia had hooked a BIG fish that felt like a log. Sal also caught his biggest Northern Pike a nice 35?er. All had a fabulous day and a terrific family trip making memories to last a lifetime. 

 GREAT BIG Tiger Muskie by Steve Fishing at Fireside Lodge

Returning was long time guest George Marshall bringing hisHUGE Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Justin at Fireside Lodge Fishing Northern Pike at Fireside Lodge by Billfather Bill for the 1st time both from Sparta, TN & return guests Rick Stewart Mount Juliet, TN brother Steve, Jimmy Trout, & Justin Tomko from Lusby, Frederick, & Dunkirk, MD. 1st day these guys were slapped in the face with a northeast cold front with high wind & lots of rain. All faired well catching fish, with Jimmy & Steve doing very well GIANT Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Georgecatching many Pike and a few nice Smalllmouth Bass. 2nd day between George, Bill, Rick, & Justine they caught over 70 Northern Pike. 3rd day fishing was good with Justin catching his 2nd & 3rd Muskie of his life, landing his first the day before, Steve caught 2 Trophy Smallmouth Bass & Jimmy also landed a Trophy Smallmouth Bass after supper. 4th day Justin had the hot hand catching many Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike on a white spinner bait.

GREAT Muskie Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Jimmy

George & Bill while fishing a portage lake for Muskie caught 4 Super Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside Lodgeplus spotted a Moose & were able to get within 15 yards of this magnificent animal watching & videoing it feeding in the water. George said it was huge & by far the biggest Moose he had ever seen. 5th day George caught 2 Muskie & some nice Smallmouth Bass while Rick & Justine caught a lot of Pike & Smallies. Jimmy & Steve spent 12 hours fishing for Muskie & it paid off catching 8 including 2 over 40? Steve landing both a Barred & Tiger Muskie plus Jimmy landed a nice 33?er. That??s a FBAULOUS day Muskie fishing in anyone??s book. Because of flights Jimmy, Steve, & Justin stayed one more day a it paid off having a terrific finish catching 45-50 Northern Pike & having a lot of action on the surface. All left having & fabulous time & saying they will be back.

Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing is Best at Fireside Lodge 

Here for their 1st visit were Greg Mruk & Mike Catuscelli from Park Ridge & Prospect Heights, IL. 1st day was spent learning the new waters & Greg caught the fish of the day a mid-30? Pike. Also they were happy to see their friends Wade, Dave, & Kurt mentioned below who arrived. 2nd day they did great catching many Northern Pike, Greg with 10 & Mike about the same & landed some Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day did about the same day 2 but today the ticket was a throw back lure the old stand by Red Eye Spoon. Greg even caught a few Smallmouth Bass with this spoon. 4th & final day they finished catching some nice Pike.

One of 32 Big Northern Pike in one day Fishing by Wade at Fireside Lodge 

Also here for their 1st time was Wade Kiess, Dave Goacher, & Kurt Koziol from Mount Prospect, Libertyville, & Prospect Heights, IL. DOA these three went out & caught a half dozen Pike in a few hours before supper. 1st day was great as they hooked up with over 30 fish landing 27 Northern Pike. 2nd day was even better catching 29 bigger Northern Pike, 90% between 28 to 33?, & David came up with a HUGE 38? very heavy Pike. 3rd & final day even was better catching 32 Northern Pike with 10 being over 30? including 2-34?, 2-36? and another 38? Monster that looked over 40? having a huge girth. All left having a fabulous time looking forward to their return.


Monster Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing at Fireside LodgeHarlan Johnson & John Utley from Park Rapids & Vadnais Heights, MN were fishing with us for their 1st time. 1st day they had a wonderful day getting the feel of our lake system and by day 2, using the old stand by red & white Dardevle, caught a bunch of Northern Pike. Both John & Harlan are long time friends growing up together in a fishing community in Bemiji, MN and just love being on the water as a way of catching up with each others daily lives & reminiscing about their early days. 3rd & final day they enjoyed catching some nice Northern Pike with Harlan having the hot hand, John saying he was the expert net man. Both left having an enjoyable stay loving every minute of their time.

 Adventure Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada

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Fabulous Moose Picture Taken by George Marshall While Fishing at Fireside Lodge





Trip Advisor

Hot Lures: Blue Fox Spinner, Spinner Bait, Zara Spook, Mepps, Red Eye Spoon, Dardevle Spoon, Mepps Spinner

Memorable Fishing at Fireside Lodge in Canada 

Catches of The Week: 2-40? Muskie, 40? Tiger Musky, Smallmouth Bass 1-19.5? 3-19?, 16-18?-19? 38? Northern Pike

Friends Making Memories Fishing At Fireside Lodge in Canada 

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan





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