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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 5/31 to 6/7 2014
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Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 5/31 to 6/7 2014


Weather at Fireside Lodge for our second week was normal with the exception of a 24-hour cold front. The cold front affected the fishers but not the fishing as during that 24 hours the fishing was excellent, especially for two guests your will read about below.


Old college buddies Rich Vanasse from Wolcott, CT Ron Villa from E Falmouth, MA, Steve Sears from Falls Church, VA & Dan Many Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Robert ThomasBridges from Thomaston, GA were here to celebrate there 50th birthdays. 1st day fishing on Little Vermilion Lake they caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike including two 34?ers & two big Lake Trout. All fish were good size with a lot of Pike 30?+. 2nd daFun Northern Pike Fishing in Canada by Ron Greyy was great landing Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike & visually seeing many more having a lot of big Northern Pike follows. 3rd & final day a severe cold front with heavy rain was their challenge and they met it catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass & a few Pike. All left having a wonderful reunion birthday celebration among good friends hoping to return in the near future.


Trophy Smallmouth Bass by Chance Grey Fishing at Fireside LodgeFathers & sons Mike & Mike Kucenic with Ron & Chance Grey from Kansas City & Leavenworth, KS joined us for the first time. After supper on DOA they got to it catching some Pike and Smallies. 1st day had Ron & Chance catching 30 Northern Pike in their boat & as a group the saw a large amount of follows. The Mike??s also did well with younger Mike 1st Musky by Mike Kucenic Fishing at Fireside Lodgelanding a big 38.5? Pike. 2nd day was another good day, despite severe cold front conditions with heavy rain, Ron caught a nice Muskie, his 1st ever, and Mike the younger connected with a Trophy 18? Smallmouth Bass. 3rd & final day was a terrific as they caught many fish Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Michael Kucenicwith Ron having a Northern Pike so wild it nearly jumped in the boat. The fish actually slammed into the side of the boat, took another run and got off. Mike & Mike had a Musky day that most dream of as they hooked 7 and landed for over 30? and Mike younger caught his biggest ever measuring 41.5?. A great finish to an even greater fishing trip with many father & son memories made.

 Huge Pike Fishing at Fireside Lodge by Todd Grimes

 BIg Northern Pike Fishing Canada by Bob FischerLong time guests Bob Fischer & Todd Grimes from19 Frederick & Thurmont, MD were glad to be back. DOA before supper each caught a Trophy Smallmouth Bass Bob??s at 18.5? & Todd??s was 19?. 1st day they caught 30 Smallmouth Bass, Bob catching an 18.25? Trophy, several Pike, and saw a few Giant 19Northern. 2nd day facing severe cold front conditions with rain all day long was terrific fishing as they caught 50 Smallmouth Bass 15-19? with each Bob & Chris catching Trophy 19? Smallmouth & 20 Northern Pike, Chris landing a big 37.5? Pike having a huge girth. 3rd day was slower catching 17 fish and the 4th day had them having fabulous action until 11AM then the fish just quit, catching only a few more afterwards. 5th day was Big fish day as they landed 3 Muskie over 30? and Chris had the prizes of the day landing a big Lake Trout 32? and a GIANT 45? Trophy Muskie. The only thing standing in the way of Chris attaining the Fireside Lodge Master Anglers Trophy Tri-Fecta is catching a 40? or better Northern Pike. 6th and final day they gave it there best effort and despite catching Pike and Smallies a Trophy Pike was not in the cards. Both left having a great trip already talking about next year??s dates.

 Big Musky Fishing by Chris Grimes at Fireside Lodge Canada

Vernon & Rebecca Davis from Pueblo West, CO were happy to beBig Lake Trout Fishing by Chris Grimes in Canada at Fireside Lodge for the 1st time. They spent three very enjoyable days fishing and having good conversation with other guests in the dinning room. Never having done this type of fishing before all was new, and one of Vernon??s goals he stated upon arrival was to have Rebecca catch a Pike. After a day of exploring and learning the waters Vernon accomplished his goal. In fact one day Rebecca out fished Vernon, to his delight. Both really enjoyed their stay and said they wished they had arranged to stay longer because three days just went by too fast. There parting words were, next time we will stay longer, and we hope to see them again soon.


Tom Bogdan from Montauk, NY and good friend Thomas Nyitray from Medina, OH were visiting us for their 1st time. 1st day on Little Vermilion Lake they did great catching many Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike as they termed it ??their way? in shallow 20water. Next day we discussed some locations specifically for Smallmouth Bass & at super time they told me that all my recommended locations worked, and they caught many Smallmouth Bass all day long. 3rd and final day was fabulous catching lots of Smallmouth Bass and some Northern Pike ending with a high note. Both left very happy and Tom Bogdan, being in the tourism business for 45 years, left us with a high compliment saying that staying at Fireside Lodge was one of his best experiences ever.

 Great Smallmouth Fishing for Trophies by Art Girard Canada

HUGE 19.5Return Fly Fishing guests Art Girard, Dick Chapman, Larry Baron, & Robert Thomas, from N Chesterfield, Midlothian, & Richmond, VA were glad to be back. These guys are serious fly fishers and it is the only way they fish. 1st day out Robert picked up where he left off last year catching a nice Muskie. All caught many nice Smallmouth Bass & Northern Pike with Dick landing a HUGE Trophy 19?er and lost a BIG Northern Pike at the boat. 2nd day Fly Fishing For Northern Pike by Larry Baron at Fireside Lodge Canadawas a great Smallmouth Bass day for all, catching 25-30 fish per boat both on surface & wooly buggers, and Robert landed 2-18? trophies. 3rd day all did well despite the wind & Robert & Dick did exceptional catching near 40 Smallmouth Bass including 7 trophies, 5 at 18?, 1-18.5?, & 1 at 19?. 4th day was a 20 Fly Fishing for Muskie at Fireside Lodge in Canadaby Robert Thomasfish day per boat having a mix of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. 5th day Robert caught the biggest fish of the trip, a GIANT Trophy 20.5? Smallmouth and another 18?? Trophy. Art had a story to remember. As he set his fly rod down with his hellgemite fly dangling in the water a Muskie decide to attack it, & after fighting the Muskie for a short time it came off and swam away. 6th & final day Robert & Dick had a Fabulous day catching over 75 Smallmouth Bass with Robert landing 4 Trophy Smallies at 18,, and 20? and Dick caught two both at 18?. Fabulous finish to another fabulous Fly-Fishing trip at Fireside Lodge.

 Fly Fishing for Trophy Smallmouth Bass at Fireside Lodge Canada

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Hot Lures: Sinking Worms, Blue Fox Spinner, Spinner Bait, Floating Rapala, X-Rap


Hot Flies: Popper, Pencil Popper, Woolly Bugger, Hellgimite


Catches of The Week: Smallmouth Bass 20.5?,20?, 2 at 19.5?, 6 at 19?, 18.75?, 5 at 18.5?,  2 at 18.25? 17 at 18?

Muskie 45?, Northern Pike 38.5? 37.5?


Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan





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