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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 8/9 to 8/16 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report August 9 to August 16 2008

Hello From Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest Ontario, Canada. This week was the most gorgeous week of he summer every day having day time highs in the mid-70??s with very light winds, and night time temps in the high 50??s or low 60??s. As close to perfect as possible.

Steven Sandler from Richmond Hill, Ontario returned to Fireside Lodge for his third time and this time with brother Lawrence from Markam, Ontario, which was his first experience at Fireside Lodge.
They arrived at about 6:30 pm and were able to fish for just a little over an hour and caught a good number of Smallmouth and watched a beautiful Canadian Sunset. That makes a long days travel very worth while. First full day they had a GREAT day as they caught well over 20 good size Northern Pike, some Smallmouth Bass, and Lawrence caught his first Musky ever landing a HUGE 40-incher. Second day they had a ball catching about 16 Northern Pike along with about 6 Smallmouth Bass. Third day had them catching 18 Northern Pike all 28 to 32??inches and a few Smallmouth bass after supper. They also had a few BIG follows. Fourth and final day they had another very good fishing day catching many Northern Pike and some Smallmouth Bass. Steve told me before they left they caught 25 to 30 fish daily and a lot of quality fish. Both had a great stay and plan on returning in the near future.

Father and son Eddy and Shane Rochman from Thornhill, Ontario were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. Day of arrival these two were very excited before leaving the dock and had a FABULOUS few hours of fishing as they caught more than a dozen Northern Pike between 30 to 36 inches. The magic for Eddy and Shane was anything in the tackle box with fire tiger color. First full day they caught another dozen very nice Northern Pike. The third day was a thriller right at the end of the day as Shane hooked a MOINSTER but lost is as it tore the entire treble hook off his Mepps Musky Killer Buck tail. WOW what a thrill for Shane. Also Eddy had a BIG, estimated to be 42-44 inch Musky up to the boat and lacking cradle experience Shane tried to us the landing net, but the fish would not fit and the hook got caught up in the net. The fish got off and left them both shaking and cursing. Third a final day was fabulous as they caught well over 20 nice Northern Pike and Shane again had an opportunity at a 40-inch plus Northern Pike but the fish again won the battle. Before leaving Eddy told me that they will be coming back next year and for years to come. They had great fishing, which reminded Eddy of the years when he fished with his dad, and thoroughly enjoyed their stay at Fireside Lodge.

Tom and Dave Pavlik from White Lake and Haslett, MI were experiencing Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day ever on the lake and they caught 75 Northern Pike and Tom caught an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. Also Dave had a HUGE Musky follow. WOW, what a FABULOUS first day ever at Fireside Lodge. Second day was slower as they caught a few Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Dave and Tom could not resist going back after the previous days Musky that followed their lure, and they were somewhat successful. Dave hooked it and lost it during the fight and the estimated it to be 40-42-inches. He believes he may have hooked it a second and even third time but never saw it to validate it was the same fish. Third day was very active with toothy critter follows, seeing some very big fish, but they just could not get them to hit any of their lures. Fourth day they changed things up a bit and started out fishing for Smallmouth Bass. They caught few but found the Northern Pike very active and went with it, having a ball catching many Northern Pike. This day the magic lure was a yellow twister tail. On their fifth and final day they did great catching many Northern Pike and Tom caught an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. Both had a fabulous trip and said that the service, meals, equipment, organization and fishing far exceeded their expectations from what they have experienced fishing in Canada on past trips.

Greg Benton returned to Fireside Lodge for his fourth time with friends and second time guests John McDonough, Jerry and Michael Sears and Randy and Dane Genord all from Grand Blanc, MI. This group targets toothy critters and father and son Randy and Dane set the pace before supper on day of arrival as Dane caught a nice 31-inch Northern Pike and Randy landed a large 38-inch Musky. First day had Jerry and Mike Sears catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass, and Mike came up with a large Master Anglers award Smallie measuring 18-inches. I found out from Jerry that a trophy is on the line for the boat that catches the most inches of fish for the week. What??s interesting is that Jerry and Mike are Smallmouth fishers and the other two boats target toothy critters. Similar to the old tortoise and the hare theory. Randy and Dane did it again in the toothy critter department as Dane caught a few nice Pike, largest being 35-inches and his dad Randy caught a BIG 42-inch Musky. Second day found Jerry and Mike catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass with Jerry landing an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallie. Dane again came up with another BIG fish landing a 40-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike on the same lure purchased form my tackle shop. Randy caught a nice 35-inch Northern Pike. To no surprise Greg and John continued on the Big fish hunt and had plenty of follows, one 40-inches or better and another that was a Giant estimated at least 50-inches. At the end of two days the Smallmouth fishers Jerry and Mike found themselves in the lead by over 200-inches. Third day was another big day working toward the trophy for Gerry and Mike as the caught a bunch of Smallmouth accumulating another 250-inches. The rest of the group did well catching a lot of Northern Pike. After supper Randy and Dane visited my tackle shop and Randy bought another lure from me just like the one Dane caught his big fish with. Dane also purchased a Pop-R for Smallmouth. Both produced as Randy caught a BIG 34-inch Musky on his purchased lure. As for Dane his intent was to catch Smallmouth on the Pop-R he purchased, however on his very first cast with the lure a big Musky came out of the water after it and cut Dane??s line. Bad news Dane only got one cast from his new lure, good news it was very exciting and the lure was lost on a BIG Musky. Dane purchased another Pop-R on the next morning. Next day Randy and Dane had another good day catching toothy critters and again it was the same lure producing. Dane caught his first Muskie ever and also landed a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass measuring 18-inches. With this catch it put Dane in the position to catch a Master Anglers Award fish in all three categories of Smallmouth Bass, Northern, Pike and Muskie. With just the Musky left you know where him and his dad??s efforts will be put. Jerry and Mike had a good day catching Smallmouth Bass and Mike caught the largest being 17.5-inches. Jerry had an absolute GIANT Smallmouth on estimated at 21-22-inches, but it ran behind a rock and shook Gerry??s lure loose. Mike also had a great experience, as two perch were pecking at his jig a Big Smallmouth came from under a bolder and grabbed the bigger perch a took off. Greg and John had a lot of follows, some in the 40-inch range, and caught some nice fish. Fifth and final day they had a great finish with a lot of fish being caught some in the toothy critter category and many in the Smallmouth Bass category. They caught a lot of Big Smallies as both Jerry and Michael each caught a 19.5-inch and 19-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth and Dane also landed one measuring 18.5-inches. It was a GREAT finish to a FABUOUS fishing trip with many long lasting memories made between family and friends, and all said they would return in 2009.

Returning for their fourth time were Bob and Ron Ramsey from Leavenworth, KS and Sewanee, TN. First day Bob and Ron had a great time catching some Northern Pike and enjoying a beautiful day on the water together. Next day was fast action for Northern Pike. One of the fish Ron had hooked, never seen, fought in such a way that it felt like a very big toothy critter. They had a great day enjoying mid 70 degree weather with a slight breeze. Third day had them fishing for Musky but mostly exploring new waters, of which sometime is not done enough by fishers. They went through the effort of finding different structure and depths that will benefit them in the future. They also caught a few nice Northern Pike and had Musky follows. Fourth day they left early and had a fabulous day catching some Northern Pike, and enjoying the wildlife and everything that goes with fishing in the Wilderness. Fifth day was just as beautiful as the previous five days giving these two a perfect weather fishing vacation. Bob and Ron have never had such stable and perfect conditions and on previous trips had cold, rain. and windy conditions so they were really soaking up the good weather. They caught some good size Northern Pike and Ron landed a beauty of a Tiger Muskie, which was also a perfect way to end their trip. They made another wonderful set of father and son memories fishing at Fireside Lodge and will return to add to their memory log.

Returning for their fourth time were Tom and Jennifer Born from Burlison, TN. They had ball on their week long stay. Tom sent me an email giving us the highlights of their trip to Fireside Lodge and I thought it would be good for your readers to hear their experience straight form the Moose??s mouth, so hear is Tom??s email to me.
Alan and Audrey;
Jen and I would like to thank you for the great service.  Again you had a great staff, accommodation, service and equipment.  We had a great time and much needed break.  We were blessed with a perfect week of weather, 77, sunny and calm, which we'll  probably never get again up there. We took advantage of every minute and are both exhausted and ready for the real world again.
We enjoy keeping stats while we fish and here are the highlights.  I will have to say we both lost at least 3 large small mouth and had eight musky follows and the first trip without a musky in the boat.  However I think I showed Jen the joy of bass fishing which until now she thought was boring but now realizes you will catch pike but with light line and no leaders.
Jens first fish was a 30" northern and on the first half day I had a 25" northern and 4 smallies. Day one in Cedarbough we caught 23 small mouth and lost a large 20-plus smallie after a long fight on 4lb test line.  That's the kind of fish that keeps you coming back.  Day two we caught 6 small mouth and 24 northern.  Jen had her 19 inch smallie and I had a17 1/2 with a 26 1/2 and 24" northerns.  Day three we caught 44 smallies most over 14" and I got an 18" with one 31" northern on a buzz bait that was crushed from the top.  Day four we had 26 smallies and 2 northern with the biggest northern being a 31".  Day five started slow we were both pretty tired from the non-stop fishing the weather afforded us.  Seventeen small mouth Jen had two over 16"  and I had five pike 26-33 1/4.  One 30" northern was on an ultralight with 4lb test.  Our most successful lures were Mr. Twisters in pumpkin seed green, buzz baits, short billed crank baits in yellow.
Its always great to get away and do nothing but fish but we also enjoy meeting new people and this year was no exception.  The people we met this year as always made the experience that much more enjoyable.  Thanks again Ya All run a great camp that we will be back to next year.
If you ever want to visit Memphis feel free to stay with us we have plenty of room and love visitors.  Here are a couple of pictures that explains our emotions for the week.
Tom and Jen Born

Returning for their second trip to Fireside Lodge were father and son Bob and Scott Kimball from Lake Quivra, KS and San Diego, CA and this time Scotts 9 year old son Sam was with to experience his first Canadian Fishing trip. First evening fishing Sam was pictured holding a nice Northern Pike. GREAT photo. Next day they caught a few Northern Pike and Sam had fun reeling these fighters in. They experienced some damage to their tackle and made some special lure purchases at my tackle shop at suppertime and had action on them that evening. The next day they purchased some spinners from my tackle shop and they put them to good use as they landed many Northern Pike and Sam caught some good size Pike. The picture of Sam holding these fish is priceless. Third day was a great fishing and catching day as they caught Northern Pike and Sam caught three himself. That evening it was decided that Scott and Sam were going to Smallmouth fish and got some instruction from me at the tackle shop. Well my information was a little side tacked when Scott hooked and landed a 36-inch heavy Musky. Well, there was a fire drill in the boat as Sam was not able to handle the cradle. The fish was too large for the net, so after wearing the fish down a bit Scott hand landed the big Muskie and Sam did a fine job of getting a nice picture of Scott holding his Muskie. FABULOUS father and son fishing memory! Fourth day was exceptional catching Northern Pike and Sam caught his share, the largest being 30-inches. Scott could have had the Muskie trifecta as he had three big Musky on and lost them all. One he described as a giant fish. Fifth day was a slower day but they still managed to catch some bigger Northern Pike with Sam again catching another big Pike measuring 31-inches. That evening the decided to go to Cedarbough Lake and try some surface fishing for Muskie and they were very successful catching a big Northern Pike and Muskie. It was fun and a little intimidating and creepy coming through this narrow creek as the sunset over the horizon. Last day was a little slower than the rest as they landed several nice Northern Pike and had about 10 Musky follows. The last evening Scott and Sam gave it one last chance at that Monster Musky that eluded them. It did show itself lazily following Scott??s lure to the boat, and simply turned and waved goodbye to Sam and Scott. They both look forward to returning to out wit Old Walter. All left saying they had a wonderful time and can??t wait until they return.

For the second consecutive year Matt Holesinger from Roscoe, IL returned to Fireside Lodge with Father and Mother Don and Audrey from Fulton, IL.  First day this family had a great time catching Smallmouth Bass and Matt caught an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Audrey had an exciting experience as while fishing for Smallmouth she hooked a large Northern Pike, and during the fight the fish took a run under the boat, first breaking Audrey??s fishing rod and after a few more seconds her fishing line broke. Very exciting happening as Audrey described the event. Second day was a banner day for these three as by noon they caught 50 Smallmouth Bass and ran out of their four dozen leeches. After re-supplying their leeches by the end of the day they landed 93 total Smallmouth Bass. Third day was a Fabulous Smallmouth Bass catching day as they caught a lot of BIG fish landing 66 total Smallies, and Audrey caught two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 18-inches and Don caught a GIANT measuring 20-inches. WOW what a TERRIFIC day.!!! Fifth and final day was another fabulous day catching Smallmouth as they caught 81 by supper time, They spent their last evening soaking up the last sunset in our beautiful wilderness surroundings, while catching another half dozen Smallmouth making their second day of 93 total Bass their best day. All left having a wonderful family experience making priceless memories together.

Returning to Fireside Lodge for their seventh consecutive year were father and son Tom
and Mark Reese from Bartlett, TN and Alexandria, VA. First day on the water had them catching both Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass, having some wonderful father and son time together on a picture perfect day. Second day as Tom put it ?? they tore em up? as they caught Pike after Pike until they got so tired at 3:00 they just gave up, decided to come back to the lodge to sit on the lodge porch and have a beer or two. They spent a great evening having good conversation while sitting the end of the dock watching a beautiful Canadian Sunset. Perfect end to a fabulous fishing day at Fireside Lodge. Third day was day two all over again as they caught 35-40 Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. As Mark put it the fishing was crazy. The fish had so much fight in them that one fish actually slammed up against the boat and knocked himself out. After some tender loving care from Tom? the fish did swim off to fight another day. Fourth and final day, as they said, ??We had a great day just enjoying and catching some fish?. It was a perfect weather day and Tom and Mark just tried to soak up as much of the beautiful surroundings as possible. God willing Tom and Mark will be back in 2009, and they decided to leave their tackle and fishing rods to make next years travel easier. We feel privileged that Tom and Mark want to spend their special time together making memories fishing at Fireside Lodge.

Nine year veteran Ron Vincent from Sherrils Ford, NC stayed at Fireside Lodge for his second week in a row as his son Jake and father and son Michael and Tyler Heath from New London, NC met up with him, returning to Fireside Lodge for their third time. First day on the water, day of arrival, these guys did terrific. In there words ?? they just about wore their arms out catching Northern Pike?. Between the four of them there number was somewhere over 100. Next day they had a dream Smallmouth day with Ron and Jake catching over 50 and Mike and Tyler had a day of a lifetime as they caught 107 Smallmouth with more than half being 15 to 17.5-inches. They also witnessed a large school of Smallmouth feeding and swimming over a reef they were fishing, and said it looked like a black cloud of Smallmouth. Fabulous sight to see for any Smallmouth Fisher. Second full day Mike and Tyler portaged to another lake a slammed 38 Smallmouth Bass, all being larger fish 15 to 18-inches, and Tyler caught his first qualifying Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass measuring 18.25-inches and Mike landed a whopper 19-incher. Ron and Jake fished for Muskie and Smallmouth for the first half day, had three large follows, both caught BIG Smallmouth Jakes being 17.5-inches and Ron registered another Master Anglers Award Smallie measuring a LARGE 19-inches. The second half-day they caught a lot of Northern Pike estimated between 35-40 total. Jake catching five between 30-32-inches. Another great day at Fireside Lodge. Third day Mike and Tyler caught 30-35 Northern Pike and 14 Smallmouth Bass, Tyler catching a heavy 33-inch Pike. Ron and Jake also had a good day catching two more Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Jakes measuring 18.5-inches edging his father out by half an inch. Fourth day Mike and Tyler had a blast as they caught 20 Smallmouth including two Master Anglers Award Smallies a 19-inch by Mike and 18.5-inch by Tyler, plus they caught 20-plus Pike. Ron and Jake enjoyed a FANTASTIC day of Smallmouth fishing catching close to 70, a lot being 15 to 17.5 inches with a lot of 17-inch plus fish. Ron caught three Masters, and Jake caught two Master Angles Award Smallmouth between 18 and 19.5-inches. Fifth day, as Michael said, was Big Pike day as they all caught a lot of bigger full bodied Northern Pike measuring a thick 28-33-inches. All had a great day. Sixth and final day these four finished with a BANG as after a slow morning they got into a BUNCH of BIG Smallmouth Bass. Mike caught 5 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth between 18 to 18.5-inches, Tyler caught one at 18.5-inches, Jake one at 18.25-inches and Ron??s was the BIGGEST at 19-inches. They also caught a bunch of big fat 16 to 17.75-inch Smallmouth. At super they said they could not have asked for a better finish to their trip, and left all smiles already planning their return trip to Fireside Lodge. Many father and son memories were made.

First timers fishing at Fireside Lodge were father and son Jerald and Benjamin Lester from Waconia, MN. After I wrote my account of Jerry and Ben??s fishing Jerry sent me an email giving me his rendition of their fishing trip at Fireside Lodge so I decided to copy and paste his email word for word and here it is;
I just wanted to tell you how much my son Ben and I enjoyed out trip to your lodge. The accommodations were excellent and the food was outstanding. The fishing was the best we have had on any of our Canadian trips. I thought I would give you a recap of our fishing success in case you wanted to share the information with others.
Sunday August 10th, after arriving at the lodge we went out fishing for a few hours around the islands just north of the lodge. We caught 31 smallmouth and 7 northern pike in about 3 hours. All of the fish were caught on tiny torpedoes.
Monday August 11th, spent the whole day fishing smallmouth bass catching 100-plus, best action came on tiny torpedoes and small jigs with yellow twister tails. The area around Dog island was the hot spot with strikes or follows coming on nearly every cast.
Tuesday August 12th, went into Musky lake and had outstanding northern pike action catching 80-plus pike with Ben catching the largest which weighed just over 10 lbs. The best area was the cabbage weeds just off the clear sand beach area. While we were fishing we watched a large bull moose walking along the shore near the access point.
Wednesday August 13th, spent the morning catching bass around all of the smaller islands on the lower lake and then took a boat ride up to the falls. The wind conditions effected fishing opportunities around the falls area so we came back to the weedy bay south west of the lodge and had a blast catching northern pike on the surface using Yum frogs. Total catch for the day was 40+ bass and 20+ northern.

We had a great time and plan to be back again next year. I have attached a photo of the 18 1/2 inch smallmouth I caught on Sunday and a picture of Ben with one of the many 17+ inch smallmouth he caught. See you soon!         Jerry Lester

Paul and Susan Frost from Quincy, MA returned to Fireside Lodge for their second time together, and this was Paul??s fifth time back and was a celebration of Paul turning 70 years young. Susan being a fly fisher was very excited to get on the water to test some of her new flies. First day on the water they had a fabulous day catching Smallmouth Bass and it was very productive for Susan and her fly-fishing, as she caught half the Smallmouth, and the largest landing a HUGE 17.5-inch Smallmouth. GREAT day and they were back in their cabin enjoying a Beer and nap by 3:00 PM. Second day was all Paul during the day as he caught Northern Pike and landed three Muskie. WOW! A three Musky day. That evening the tide turned as Susan??s fly fishing popper presentation is what the Smallmouth wanted and she landed a number of nice Smallmouth Bass including some at 16-inchs, and a 17-incher. Paul did manage to catch some Bass, and in fact he actually caught two Smallmouth on a lure during one cast. One Smallmouth was hooked on each of the two treble hooks. Now that??s fast action. Third day they did well on Smallmouth Bass, with Susan again having the magic Fly Fishing presentation catching some Smallies in the 16-inch range and one at 17.5-inches, just missing the Master Anglers Award for the third time. Paul in the mean time hooked the BIGGEST Smallmouth he had ever seen, and in the process of landing the fish his knot came untied and he lost the GIANT Smallie right at the boat. Both were disappointed but ??That??s Fish??n?. Fourth and final day was their slowest day, however they had an absolute ball enjoying the wilderness setting, viewing wildlife, and that evening viewed a spectacular Canadian sunset. Paul and Susan are back at home in Quincy, MA as I am writing this report and hopefully they were able to take some of the Fireside Lodge ??Magic? home with them in thought and memories.

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Hot Lures of The Week: 6-inch Crane Bait, Blue Fox Spinner, Tubes, Cisco Kid, Tubes, Twister Tail, Live Leeches, Gulp Alive, Pop-R, Chug Bug, X-Rap, Tint Torpedos

Flies: Popper, Gartside Gurgler-Chartruse and White

Catches of the Week: 42, 38-inch Musky, 40-inch Tiger Muskie, 20, 19.5,19,18.5,18-inch Smallmouth Bass, 40-inch Northern Pike
48 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth were caught with the qualifying size being 18-inches

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan


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