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Fishing reports are written weekly throughout the open fishing season based on Fireside Lodge guests reports of their daily fishing experiences while fishing at Fireside Lodge


Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 8/23 to 8/30 2008
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Hello from Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario. Most of the week was pleasant temperatures, 65-85 degrees, and only the high winds on one day created some interesting boating conditions.

Robert McCann from Springfield, Mo returned to Fireside Lodge for his second visit and with fishing friend Stephen Johnson from Miller, MO.

First day they enjoyed and caught some quality Northern Pike. Second day they caught about a dozen pike and 25 Smallmouth Bass. The third day they caught amount 8 Pike and a Bunch of Smallmouth and Stephen had the catch of the day landing a HUGE 39.5-inch Northern Pike. This just missed the qualifying master Anglers Award size of 40-inches. Their fourth and final day was similar to there third day catching some Nice Northern Pike and a bunch of Smallmouth Bass. Both had a great stay and hope to return one day.

Brothers Dave and Jeff Norkiewizc from Tinley Park and Plainfield, IL were back to Fireside Lodge for their 7th time. First day was great as they caught a lot of nice size Northern Pike with Jeff catching a 34-inch Northern Pike and a 34-inch Muskie. Second day was GREAT as they had Smallmouth action, Dave catching a 17.5-inch fat Smallie and Jeff landed a Master Anglers Award 18.5-inch Smallmouth Bass. Also some big Pike were caught and Jeff caught the biggest, which was a Monster 42-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike. The story here is Dave bought a few lures from me when they arrived which Jeff ended up using, and caught all his fish on them including the two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth and Pike. The discussion came up on how much Jeff should pay Dave for these lures, because certainly the on that water price should be much higher than the tackle shop price. We will let them as brothers fight that one out. The bigger story is that Jeff had the chance to become the first ever Fireside Lodge guest to catch a Master Anglers Award fish in all three categories, Musky, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike, in the same trip. With four days left all he has to do is catch a 44-inch or larger Muskie. Third day was all Musky and it was not Jeff and Dave??s favorite weather for Muskie fishing as it was a high sky, with very bright sun and not a cloud in sight. After some searching they got action and had many follows with Dave landing a nice 35.5-incher, and Jeff caught a HUGE 40-inch Muskie. Not giving up on the day because of weather and persistence paid off for Jeff and Dave. On their fourth day Dave and Jeff were determined to fish in Cedarbough Lake despite a newly built Beaver Dam. To say the least these two now have a whole new respect for Beavers and their construction ability. They did get into the lake but the Musky were not cooperating, so they returned to Little Vermilion Lake and caught about 30 Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. Jeff also lost a HUGE Musky. Fifth day was a great Pike fishing and catching day as they caught over 60 Northern Pike. Sixth and final day Jeff left the lodge determined to catch a Master Anglers Award Musky to get the triple Masters at Fireside Lodge. Last day they fished until early afternoon and Jeff landed another nice Musky, and both caught a bunch of Northern Pike. They enjoyed their last supper in the dinning room and a beautiful sunset on the deck of their cabin. But only the last of 2008 as they made their reservations for 2009 before leaving.

Harry and Susan Vilsack from Pittsburgh, PA were returning for their sixth consecutive year. In the morning at breakfast Susan said she wanted to catch the Big one, and she did right off the bat landing a 33-inch Muskie, and later that day catching and even bigger Northern Pike. At supper both said the weather was beautiful at 65 degrees and sunny with light winds, both having a fabulous day enjoying the great wilderness setting that surrounded them on the water. Second day was a great day in itself as it was 72 degrees, sunny with light winds. Harry and Susan did not break any fishing records, but had a wonderful shore lunch cooked over an open fire and enjoyed their time on the lake together. Third day was fabulous both weather wise and fishing. They caught well over 20 Northern Pike and had many other follows and strikes. They had so much action that the fish wore the paint off Susan??s Blue Fox Spinner. Susan had a Big fish on that took her all around the boat, got all tangled up in the weeds and finally broke off. The worst thing about loosing the fish is she lost her lucky Blue Fox Spinner. Well?? that was taken care of at the tackle shop before supper. Both had a very fun day and were all smiles as usual. On a very windy fourth day they caught some nice Northern Pike and Smallmouth despite the limited fishing areas that were reasonable to fish. Susan actually had to come back early because she was getting Lake (Sea) sick. Harry and Susan save the best for the last, as they had fun dodging the raindrops and a BLAST catching over 50 Northern Pike, each catching an equal amount. This was a personal best catching day for Harry and Susan. Harry and Susan were again, a delight to have at Fireside Lodge, and Susan always departs leaving a spark in all the other Fireside Lodge guests that had the opportunity to meet her and Harry. Upon departure Harry said he would be contacting us in a few weeks to firm up their reservations for next year when his sister Betty and her husband Larry will be joining them at Fireside Lodge for their third time.

Ken Beta from Fox Lake, IL, brother Larry Psyk from Onalaska, WI, his son Larry (LJ) from LaCrosse, WI, and good friend Jim Nelson from Oak Brook, IL. were returning to Fireside Lodge for their second time in 2009, and for Ken and Larry it was their fourth trip in three years. First day Larry and LJ caught about 7 Northern Pike, 4 Smallmouth Bass and a Muskie while Ken and Jim caught over 20 Smallmouth Bass and 8 Northern Pike, also having a lot of follows from toothy critters. Second day Larry and LJ caught some very nice Northern Pike including a 34-inch by LJ and a HUGE 38-incher by Larry. Ken and Jim caught 17 nice Smallmouth Bass and a half dozen Northern Pike. Third day Jim and Ken started off fast as they caught about 20 Smallmouth Bass before noon, but things seemed to slow down after that. Larry and LJ caught about the same number of Smallmouth Bass along with 5 Northern Pike, and Larry had a BIG fish on that was taking so much line that LJ had to start up the motor an go after the fish. The fish ended up breaking Larry??s line so they never got a look at the fish, but both were convinced it was a monster. Fourth day Ken and Jim caught both Smallmouth and Northern Pike, however the high wind drove them in by 11:30 AM. They decided to take a break and wait until the winds die down after supper. Larry and LJ toughed out the winds and caught some fish but is was very hard to find a reasonable place to fish. The big story here was Ken, as he celebrated his 60 th Birthday fishing at Fireside Lodge with his brother, nephew, and very good friend. The dinning room sang Ken the B-day song, and afterwards Larry stood up and said some very heart warming things to Ken, having some of us close to tears. Ken was speechless and I am sure will remember his 60 th birthday celebration for the rest of his life. Moment Priceless! With the winds calmed down these four got down to fishing having very good fifth day, catching 42 Smallmouth Bass. On their last day they had a ball as Ken and LJ caught 18 Northern Pike, and Ken landed a GIANT 19.5-inch Smallmouth Bass. Jim and Larry also had a heck of a day catching 26 Northern Pike, and Jim had the catch of the week, and so far the BIGGEST Master Anglers Smallmouth of 2008, catching a MONSTEROUS 22-inch Smallmouth Bass. All had a fabulous time and said they will return in 2009.

Bob Babcock and Jane Waldron from Midland, MI were returning to Fireside Lodge from their 8th consecutive year. After arrival they spent about 4 hours getting their rods and reels set up and organizing their fishing tackle on their cabin deck overlooking the water. After supper they fished for only about 1.5 hours and the organizing must have paid off as Bob caught a HIGE 40-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike. Second day was all Jane as she caught everything, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike and her highlight fish was a 17.5-inch Smallmouth, and a 33 and 35-inch Northern Pike, all caught on an X-Rap. Second day they tried two new spots and had great results as they had very good Northern Pike action, and Jane caught a Musky. They said the fishing was great until about noon, and then at 1:00 the fish got lockjaw. That same evening Jane had an exciting happening as while fishing with a surface lure a Big Musky exploded on her lure and the fight was on. Jane fought the fish for while and during it??s last run it did the classic Musky roll, and her leader to line knot slipped out and the fish was lost. A little frustrating however what a thrill. Third day was a wind endurance day as the winds were very high all day. Bob and Jane put their heads together and still figured a way to catch 7 BIG Smallmouth, Bob catching several in the upper 17-inch range, and Jane caught the Grand Daddy landing an absolute GIANT and Very Heavy 19.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Jane also caught a nice Musky and Bob and equally nice Northern Pike. The thrill for Jane is that she caught her big Smallmouth and Musky on a surface lure, the same lure that hooked up a BIG Musky the evening before. Fourth day they did well exploring and finding some new good areas with fishy looking structure and weed beds. The fish did not want to cooperate for them, but these new spots are sure to produce in the future. Fifth and final day they finished strong catching some nice Northern Pike and in some new areas again. They really enjoyed this trip as they learned more new fishing locations, and have many more they did not even get a chance to fish as they ran out of time. Well, those fishing spots will be waiting for them in 2009, as they made their reservations for the same time period.

Ed Bromeier from West Lake, Oh was returning to Fireside Lodge for his second time in 2009, and this time with his brother Henry from Cleveland, OH. First few hours on the water they had some fish on and lost and Henry had a big Northern Pike on and up to the boat. Great Start!!! First day they portaged to a lake and had fun enjoying the walk through the bush, and once on they lake they had great action landing over 30 Northern Pike, and Henry caught two walleye. Both were all smiles and full of stories at suppertime. Second day the wind was a big factor as it blew about as hard as it gets, so Ed and Henry just fished where possible and still caught a few fish, and Ed caught his first ever Musky. Third day they went to another lake via our Fireside Lodge Jungle Cruise Ride. At one time Henry worked at Disney World and we named the creek leading to Maskinonge Lake after a Disney ride. Well, they did well and Ed caught the Smallmouth of his life. When hooked it fought so hard he thought it was a Musky. When landed, it was a GIANT 19.5-inch Smallmouth Bass weighing well over 5.5lbs. No wonder it felt like a Muskie. Fourth and final day was fun, fun, fun as these two got into catching Northern Pike on the surface using Buzz Baits. The highlight catch was by Henry as he caught a 38.5-inch very large Muskie. The Musky came up and crushed Henry??s Buzz Bait and it was his first Musky ever. After a great fight, the fish was landed and great photos taken. Ed also had a large toothy critter try to consume his Buzz Bait twice, but missed both times. Both made wonderful memories together and hope to return again next year.

Father and Three sons Jim, James, Steven, and David Monroe from Canton and Chappaque, NY and Clarksville, MD were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day on the water they had a ball exploring and catching some toothy critters. After getting some tips from some guests and making some tackle purchases at my tackle shop they were off and ready to catch fish on their second day. Did they ever catch fish as they had a lot of Northern Pike action, landed over 20 with a lot over 30-inches. They lost just as many, and the real story here lies with Harry and Susan (above), as after seeing these guys on the water, and finding out they were not getting much action, Harry and Susan led them to an area and said fish right here. Well, after catching 7 Northern Pike quickly they were convinced. Jim and Steven said they had a bunch of fish on they lost, as they were not familiar with fishing barb less. Third and final day left these four fishing very rough waters because of high winds. When I saw David at supper time he said they caught some fish, including a few nice size Pike an had a ball just having fun, laughing, playing cards in the cabin, and making wonderful father and three sons memories. All had a fabulous first fishing trip to Fireside Lodge.

Hot Lures of The Week: X-Rap, Flub Dub, Blue Fox Spinner, Orange Rapala, 5 of Diamonds Daredevle, Tsunami Surface Lure, Yellow Bucktail, Red/White Mepps, Buzz Bait, Jay Mac Jig.

Catches of the Week: 42-inch, 40-inch, 39.5-inch Northern Pike, 40-inch Musky, 22-inch Smallmouth three 19.5-inch Smallmouth Bass

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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