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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 8/16 to 8/23 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report August 16 to August 23 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest Ontario, Canada. If there was ever a perfect weather week this was the one as we had gorgeous summer temperatures, light winds, and GREAT FISHING, with a lot of memories made.

First time Fireside lodge guests were Ted and Roman Schmid and from St Cloud, MN and Lyle Widboom from Clear Lake, WI. First day out these three had fast action on Smallmouth Bass, used all their leeches by 1:00PM, and had to come back for more. They also caught a few nice 28 to 30-inch Northern Pike. Great start. Second day they had a fun time navigating a long creek to get into another lake, and caught a few fish. Roman really enjoyed seeing the Northern Pike come up and strike his surface Buzz Bait. After supper they were going after Smallmouth Bass They did catch some nice Smallies and enjoyed a wonderful sunset. On their third and final day they went out with a bang having a great Smallmouth catching day landing 52 Smallmouth Bass. During their stay they caught a lot of BIG Smallmouth in Including Roman landing two Master Anglers Award Smallies both measuring 18-inches, and Ted catching one just under 19-inches. All had a great time making three generations of memories together and were impressed with the overall experience we provide at Fireside Lodge.

Returning for their third consecutive year were Chuck Barreras and daughter Maria from Douglassville, PA, Tom Crooks from Featsterville, PA and second time guest Richard Klimek and son Andrew from Cherry Hill, NJ. First day on the water had them catching a few here, one there, and a few others in another spot, but by the end of the day they boated 18 fish, not to mention all the laughs they had prompted by the singing trio of Chuck, Rich, and Tom. I found Maria and Andrew in the lodge in refuge from the melodist tones coming from their cabin. All had great fun. Second day they started out fishing for Musky but without much cooperation, so they did the thing good fishers do. They changed and fished for Smallmouth Bass and as a group caught over 50, Andrew had a great time catching his first ever and seven other Smallmouth Bass, and Maria ended up landing 13 of these great fighters. Great day was had by all. Third day was just one of those phenomenal fishing days. This group caught well over 100 Northern Pike, with Andrew and Maria just having a ball catching Pike of all sizes, both landing fish in the 30-inch range with Maria??s largest being an impressive 36-inches. Richard had the big fish catch of the day which was a very large 38-inch Northern Pike, however the real catch of the day was in the photos / memories made as the days events captured the smiling faces of close friends and family having fun together in a fabulous wilderness setting. In fact when I mentioned Rich??s 38-inch Pike in conversation he stopped me and said that was nothing, meaning that it is all about being with family and friends while having fun and making memories. At their supper table after the last group fish I asked how the catching was, and they responded that it was a slower day, and proceeded to tell me that they caught close to 40 fish. Well, calling that a slower day at Fireside Lodge can only be a compliment to how good the fishing usually is for Fireside Lodge guests. All left sad to leave, but with relaxed smiles on their faces, and already mention of a return trip was made before their departure.

Bill and brother John Radostits and Bill??s father-in-law John Jennings from Naperville, and Kirkland, IL and Bloomfield, MI were all fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. This was a wonderful gift from John??s wife for his 50th birthday. First day on the water these three caught 20 nice Northern Pike between 25 to 31-inches. They have a cabin on a lake in Wisconsin and commented that the Northern Pike they caught were much bigger/heavier than the fish in their waters. Second day ever fishing Little Vermilion Lake and these two did great catching Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Musky. In the Smallmouth department John Jennings was the Master and I do mean he caught a HUGE Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 18.5-inches. Bill seemed to have the hot hand on Northern Pike and John Radostits was the main guy on Muskie as he caught the biggest of his life, a GIANT 44-inch Master Anglers Award Musky. It was an impressive fish and look for it on our web site under the Photos 2008 page. The third and final day for this group had them catching 14 bigger Northern Pike 27 to 33 inches and John R came up with the largest of the day landing a nice heavy 34-incher. All left having an excellent time together making family memories, as wishing they had a few more days.

Father and son Bill and Mark Westbrook from New Philadelphia, OH returned to Fireside Lodge for their sixth consecutive year. First day out and first fish for Mark was an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Within 30 minutes they picked up several others in the 15 to 17.5-inch range. By suppertime they landed 61 nice Smallmouth Bass. Second day it was a Musky and Smallmouth Bass day as they caught some nice Smallmouth Bass with Mark catching his second Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. After they started to fish for some toothy critters the Muskie became very active and within a short period of time they had many follows. Mark hooked three and landed two Musky, and while both threw casts out a HUGE Musky jumped 5 feet out of the water. Simultaneously they looked at each other thinking one of them had the fish on. After realizing neither had the fish on they both started casting in that direction. Third day when I approached Bill and Mark??s dinning room table at suppertime Bill told me they had a slow day so far. When I asked how many fish they caught he said only 41 Smallmouth Bass and Mark caught his third Master Anglers Award Smallmouth in as many days, measuring 18.5-inches. That??s a darn good slow day. When Mark caught his third Master Anglers Smallmouth he had his feet up, smoking a cigar, not paying attention and the fish hit. That evening they had some fast a furious Smallmouth action catching another 34 in a short time period, and every fish was 15 to 17.5-inches. Total for day three was 76 Smallmouth Bass. Fourth day was another Musky fishing and catching day as they hand many follows, hooked three and each landed a Muskie. That makes a total of 8 Musky hooked and 4 landed in four days which is the best Muskie fishing that Bill and Mark ever experienced. Fifth and final day was strong finish as they caught 59 Smallmouth Bass and several nice Northern Pike. Bill and Mark had GREAT weather, GREAT fishing, and made another set of GRRRRRREAT father and son memories at Fireside Lodge.

The foursome of Lewis, Lewis Jr., Stephen Smith and David Bieri from Romeo, Brownstown, Imlay City, MI and Maple Grove MN found themselves at Fireside Lodge and for their second time. This group had a ball the first day catching close to 40 fish, being a mixture of Smallmouth and Northern Pike up to 31-inches. Second day was a little slower but everyone caught fish. Third and final day they caught 30 fish in one boat and almost 50 in the other boat, and they caught a lot of nice size Smallmouth and Northern Pike. The big fish of the day however was Stephen??s Northern Pike which was a Master Anglers Award Northern Pike measuring a BIG 40.25-inches. GREAT Catch. Their secret was being flexible and pulling out all the stops. They figured out that the fish were negative so they started to use leeches and caught both Smallmouth and Northern Pike. In fact Steven caught his BIG 40.25-incher on a leech. Amazing. All had a great time, were sad to leave, and hope to return one day soon.

Back fishing at Fireside Lodge were Ed Burns, Todd Smith, Eugene Hruzek, and Barry Brummett from College Station, McKinney, Wallis Texas and Santa Anna, CA. This would be the ninth consecutive year Ed had his group at Fireside Lodge. DOA Todd and Barry could not wait to get on the water so the skipped supper and went fishing. They caught several nice Pike, and Todd cashed in and set the pace as he caught a 40-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike. Second day they caught a bunch of Northern Pike and Barry had the story of the day. After catching a 30-inch Northern Pike he released it as normal, however the fish would have nothing to do with this as it instantly jumped right back in the boat. Usually it??s landing the fish most people have some trouble, with not releasing the fish. Barry??s second release attempt was successful. One boat caught 40 and the other boat landed over 50 Northern Pike. Third day was a slow day according to this group??s press secretary, Barry, however after some probing Barry revealed that him and Todd caught close to 25 fish, and Todd caught a 38-inch Muskie and a 38-inch Northern Pike. If that??s what you catch on a slow day at Fireside Lodge, imagine what the good days are like. Fourth day Barry and Ed caught 30 fish and Todd and Gene caught 50-plus, with Todd landing two mid-30-inch Musky just before calling it a day, and a great day at that. Fifth day they caught some fish but the wind made it tough going as it was strong and seemed to change directions continuously. These fellows had another wonderful stay at Fireside Lodge and hope to return in 2009.

Walt LaCasse from Minnetonka, Mn with Ron Ditillo from Pittsburgh, PA were returning to Fireside Lodge for their second fishing trip at Fireside Lodge in 2008. On their day of arrival while fishing for a few hours they caught 5 nice size Northern Pike. Great start. First day was one of those great fishing days but slower on the catching side of things. After fishing here for 10 years these guys know the fish are here, but some days are just tougher than others, After some discussion of tactics they were set for a new second day. Well the second day was very productive as Walt just could not miss, catching all sizes of Smallmouth Bass including an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallie, Northern Pike and he had a nice Muskie on and up to the boat, but it got off. The most exciting thing about the Musky is it raced right behind Walt??s Blue Fox Spinner, hesitated, passed the spinner up, went under the boat and blasted the lure coming from under the boat as Walt was still reeling the lure back. Very exciting strike. Before fishing that evening we agreed that we had to try and even up the odds so Ronnie got a Blue Fox spinner like Walt??s, and guest what, it worked as it produced Northern Pike for Ron. Third and final day these two tried their hand at targeting Musky fishing the first half day without great success, however the strong wind was not very kind to holding positions to fish. The second half-day they caught a mix of fish and Ronnie??s new lure paid off again. Both had a great short stay and Walt secured his reservations for 2009 before departure.

Ed and Phyllis Crum from Painsville, Oh were at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day on new waters and a few fish were caught but most of the day was spent exploring and learning Little Vermilion Lake. After supper Ed and I discussed locations and techniques, as I gave him many places with weed beds and depth locations. Well the second day they produced, catching some nice Northern Pike and had loads of fun learning new locations and trying to figure things out. They also thoroughly enjoyed the Hummingbird feeders we now have at each cabin. Every day on new waters usually equates to more success and for Ed and Phyllis this third day was no exception. They caught more, and some bigger Northern Pike in the mid-30-inch range, and enjoyed another very nice day on the water together. On their fourth and final day a cold front came through and the winds blew so hard that fishing was nearly impossible. Phyllis did not even attempt going out, and Ed made two attempts but it was difficult to control the boat. Both left saying they had a great first stay at Fireside Lodge and hope to return in the near future.

First timers at Fireside Lodge were Bernie Brookorb from Forest Lake, MN, James Hagquist from St Paul, MN, Robert Hume III and Robert Rogge both from Woodbury, MN. First day this group got to know the lower arm of Little Vermilion Lake. They caught some fish and Bernie did GREAT as he landed a 40-inch Musky. WOW! First time ever fishing at Fireside Lodge and Bernie caught a big musky on his first day. Second day on the water it was all Bob H and Jim as they did well catching Smallmouth Bass, while Bernie and Bob R spent their day casting for BIG fish. Funny / not so funny story was when Bob H laid his fly rod down to do something and a Big fish of some kind suddenly attacked what was at the end of his leader, bent his fly rod in half, and it broke at the handle. This was a special 9-piece fly rod that breaks down for easy travel, and I commend Bob because he was more excited about the BIG fish than his broken fly rod. Third and final day was extremely windy with high waves and the two Bob??s never even fished. Bernie and Jim left the dock about 2:30PM and returned for supper catching a few Pike, but were very limited by the windy conditions. All left enjoying themselves at Fireside Lodge and highly complimented our operation.

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see the 2008 Photos

Hot Lures of The Week: Leeches, Floating Rapala, Jointed Rapala. Blue Fox Spinner, Cisco Kid, Mepps

Catches of the Week: 44-inch Muskie, 40-inch Musky, Two 40-inch Northern Pike, 38-inch Northern Pike, 19-inch Smallmouth Bass
1-Fly Rod Breaker (see above story).

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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