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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 7/19 to 8/2 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report July 19 to August 2 2008

It was a fabulous summer wee in Northwest Ontario. Having temperatures in the 70??s, nights in the high 50??s and a mix of sun and cloud. We did have some rain, and isolated thunderstorm, but no major rain event as in the past weeks.

Fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time were Jerry and Janet Johnson from Lawrence, NE. They did well on their first day getting into a hot, late morning-early afternoon, bite catching a good number of Smallmouth on surface lures. Second day they caught a few fish in the morning then came back to the cabin and relaxed the rest of the day until supper. During this time they enjoyed the beautiful wooded lake view from their deck, and being a Bird Watcher Janet discovered a Flicker nest in a tree, and witnessed the adult feeding their baby. Amazing the opportunity for birders, wildlife viewers, and nature lovers in the amazing Boreal Forest that surrounds Fireside Lodge. After supper they fished, and caught Smallmouth Bass with Jerry catching his with poppers on a fly rod. Third day they had a very good day catching Smallmouth, and again Jerry did very well on his fly-fishing techniques. Fourth day they did very well catching 20 before lunch and another 15 after supper. Last day was spent catching plenty of Smallmouth Bass and enjoying the sunny mid-70??s day at Twin Falls, admiring this natural wonder, and seeing a Bald Eagles nest with the Eaglets in the nest, and an adult watching over them. Jerry and Janet had such a great time for their first stay at Fireside Lodge they reserved dates for 2009 before departing.

Long time ago, return guest of Fireside Lodge Jim Huckins from Bellevue, WA came back to Fireside Lodge with good friend Robert Feliszak Jr from Tinley Park, IL. Well, Jim did not lose his Fireside Lodge touch over the years as Bob and him caught over 80 Smallmouth Bass on their first day. The live leech jigging among fallen trees and rocks worked for them, and they caught some dandies. Second day was a mixed bag as for the first half day they portaged to another lake and caught about 40 Northern Pike and a big Walleye, then came back in Little Vermilion Lake and caught about 25 Big Smallies all between 16 to 19-inches, and a lot in the 17-inch range. Third day was all Pike, and they did well catching a lot and Jim had the catch, unusual catch, of the day. He caught a big heavy 36-incher and it was on a leech with 6lb test line while fishing for Smallmouth. Fourth day and fifth days they did well each day catching a lot of Smallmouth Bass. Both had a fabulous time fishing at Fireside Lodge and highly complimented our organization, accommodations, and service we give all of our guests at Fireside Lodge. They departed with the last words ??WE WILL BE BACK?.

Jerry and Wanda Miller returned to Fireside Lodge for their special trip together and for Jerry this was his second time this summer and probably his 14th time fishing at Fireside Lodge. First day was a Fabulous fishing and catching day as they caught well over 50 Smallmouth Bass, and Wanda was on fire catching one Big Smallmouth after another. Many were in the 17-inch range and Wanda caught a 18.25-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Jerry also did well catching Smallmouth, but it really got exciting as Jerry was fighting a Smallmouth a HUGE 45-inch plus Muskie attacked his Smallmouth. The Musky let it go and then came back an hit the Bass again. Jerry had it so close he could touch it, however with 6lb test the fish turned it??s head and broke his line. How exciting is that?? Next morning Jerry and Wanda where going Smallmouth Bass fishing again however Jerry mentioned that he had the Musky bug after the previous days encounter. Well turns out they had another great day Smallmouth fishing, catching a lot and big fish again and Jerry said they stopped counting and measuring because the fishing was so good. Wanda again tore em up catching a lot of 16 to 17.5-inch Smallmouth. Jerry however got even from the day before as he caught two Musky, one being a GIANT 39.5-inches that looks bigger. Jerry did admit he did not take a very accurate measurement. Third day was all Northern Pike as Jerry himself landed hooked well over 60 Northern Pike. Him and Wanda said that there was a period of time that every second or third cast a fish was on. Fourth day had them catching 40 Smallmouth Bass and every one was large 16 to 18 inches, and they also caught 5 Northern Pike. Their last two days they only fished a half-day as they just wanted to relax and soak up the wilderness surroundings from their cabins. Each of these days the caught 25 Smallmouth before noon. Before departing Jerry decided to leave his tackle bag with us so he has one less thing to travel with when him and Wanda return to Fireside Lodge in 2009.

Fran and Colleen Stack from Lorain, OH arrived with bells on, as they were very excited to be back at Fireside Lodge for their fifth consecutive year. First day they had a terrific day catching a lot of BIG Smallmouth and each landing a Musky. Fran??s was a 34-inch Tiger Muskie and Colleen??s was a 34.5-inch barred Musky. Second day had them having a lot of Northern Pike action and they landed 29 of the feisty fighters. Third day was another fabulous day on the water enjoying all there is to enjoy in the great wilderness we have at Fireside Lodge. It was an unusual fishing day as Fran found himself actually fighting for his catch. Twice Fran had a Musky attack a fish while he was fighting the fish. Also, Fran caught a 34-inch Northern Pike on a live leech with no leader and light line. Their fourth day was their best catching day ever, as they landed 65 Northern Pike and one Tiger Musky. FABULOUS day in any fishers log. Their fifth and final day had them catching more toothy critters, most on the larger side, Colleen catching some 28/29-inches long and Fran came up with his best and the biggest Northern Pike of the trip landing a HUGE 39.5-inch fat heavy fish. Both had a fantastic getaway at Fireside Lodge and the good news is, they get to do it all over again in September, as they will be returning for a second trip. We are looking very forward to seeing their smiling faces when they return to Fireside Lodge.

Father and son Alan and Jon Wohlman from Northbrook and Glenview, IL returned to Fireside Lodge for their seventh time. First day on the water they caught a lot of fish, many BIG Smallmouth Bass and Alan had Musky take a nice Smallmouth from him. As he was reeling in a nice Smallmouth a Musky tried to eat his Smallmouth. The Musky let go, but came back with vengeance attacking in such a flurry their was splashing and slashing all over the place, finally taking the Smallmouth and waved goodbye to Alan and Jon with it??s Big Broad Red tail. What a great experience. Second day was a TERRIFIC Northern Pike catching day as they caught many, too many to count. The real story here goes much farther than catching fish. When I saw Alan and Jon before supper they were a little worn form catching all those Pike and being on the water for 8-9 hours and were thinking of taking it easy that evening and watching the sunset over the lake from their cabin deck. Well Bob and his Grandson Colton did not have a very productive day on the water so before you know it Alan and Jon were making arrangements to take them to a few spots that evening in hopes of helping them catch some fish. They did this with success and got Bob and Colton re-generated for their second day on the water. This was a very kind gesture and is one example of Fireside Lodge Guests friendliness, and willingness to help others. We all thank Alan and Jon for their great life example in helping others. Third day had these two portaging to another lake off of Little Vermilion Lake catching many Smallmouth Bass, had 15 Muskie follows, and Alan landed a Musky. Their last two days were full of great action catching many more fish and enjoying the great wilderness of Northwest Ontario, while making another set of father and son memories. Before departing Alan and Jon made their 2009 reservations, and will be counting down the days until then.

Bruce and Pamela Ross from Mequon WI found themselves at Fireside Lodge for the first time recommended by Pat Ehlers who owns the best Fly Fishing shop in the Milwaukee area. First evening on the water they caught both Smallmouth and Northern Pike. Their first day they caught more Northern Pike than they could count and just had a ball all day long.  As I was writing my fishing report I received an email from Pam and it expresses the fun they had fishing and catching in the wonderful Wilderness setting at Fireside Lodge. It read: Hi Alan: We just wanted to thank you and Audrey for the amazing time at your lodge.  We had a great time, loved the accommodations and the attention to our every need to make our Canadian fishing trip a memorable experience.  I thought you??d enjoy some of our pictures.  Bruce caught the biggest a 38 inch, 18 lb pike, and he also caught a 35-inch and several over 30.  I caught a number of large pike too, two at 34 inches and 5 and 8 lbs.  My largest bass was 15 inches and I believe Bruce got one about 17 inches.
 We lost count of the number of pike and smallmouth we caught but probably averaged about 50 fish per day.
Have a great rest of the summer and thanks again.  Oh, we saw a moose about 6:30 about 10 minutes from the lodge as we were leaving.  What a great goodbye. Pamela Ross


Father and son Noel and Brandon Kivlin from Austin, Texas were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time finding us on the internet. First day on the water was spent learning and catching a few Northern Pike. After some consulting over the lake map at my tackle shop, their evening fish was much more productive as they caught a number of Smallmouth Bass. The second day was a great fishing day as they caught many Smallmouth Bass, with Brandon catching 23 himself. The next two days this father and son had a blast, not only catching fish but also just having fun as a father and son. The visited a falls on Little Vermilion Lake called, Twin Falls, enjoying the scenery, noise of the roaring water, fishing below the falls, having shore lunch and plenty of laughs. Brandon was having so much fun he wore himself out and crashed on the bottom of the boat on his way back. Noel and Brandon also had some fun time off the water playing board games and having some special father and son time. Both had a great trip, and made wonderful memories at Fireside Lodge.

Bob Kopfer and grandson Colton from Lake Zurich, IL were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. Their first day was not very productive, however the great story (above) of Alan and Jon Wohlman helping them in the evening was a special ??Fireside Lodge Happening? for both Bob and Colton. After some advise at the tackle shop and the purchase of a special fishing rod a reel for Colton, the second day fared much better with Colton alone catching 9 fish, 7 Northern Pike and 2 Smallmouth Bass. The last two days they caught fish, and made many memories between Grandpa and Grandson, that Colton will remember for a long time to come. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to enjoy this special time together. Bob??s final words are that he enjoyed his stay at Fireside Lodge and would like to return.

Nick Thomas, John Edmundson, David Plunkett, Ronald Henley, Greg Hudson, and Marvin Carter from Salem, Cloverdale, New Castle, Radford, and Pembroke, VA were all at Fireside Lodge for their first Canadian Wilderness fishing experience. First day ever on the water for these guys and they did terrific, catching over 250 Smallmouth Bass. Nick and Greg caught over 100 on tubes, Ron and Marvin caught over 100 on a combination of Ron using an X-Rap and Marvin using leeches, and John and David did well catching 50. All caught bigger fish (up to 19.5?) than expected, and the numbers of bigger heavy fish really impressed Nick. For their first time ever fishing Little Vermillion Lake this is a FABULOUS day, and a tribute to these fellows fishing ability. Nick wrote me an email to help me in my fishing report, which expresses this first time groups experience at Fireside Lodge. It read:
Alan...thanks for the great hospitality.  Fireside Lodge was everything we hoped for.
To assist you in your fishing report I wrote this.
Visiting Fireside Lodge for the first time, Ron Henley, Greg Hudson, David Plunkett, John Edmundson, Marvin Carter and Nick Thomas....all from the Roanoke, Virginia area. With the exception of the wind, we had great conditions for fishing. Tuesday and Wednesday were excellent for 14 to 18 inch smallmouth bass.  The pike were biting as were a few muskie.
All three boats caught many fish, primarily in the lower arm around Chicago Island and the eastern end of the upper arm.  Greg and Ron each caught an 18-inch plus bass.  Marvin and John caught over 100 bass.
When the wind picked up on Thursday and Friday the bass quit biting, but the pike really turned on.  Nick and John hooked almost 50 Northern in Muskie lake, but were forced out by a thunderstorm.
Each of us are still in awe of the beauty, and we all were impressed with the overall quality of Fireside Lodge and its staff.
Look forward to seeing you next year....

John Anderson and Todd Meyer from Naperville, IL returned to Fireside Lodge for the second time in as many years, and this time with their sons Jake and Dan. It was great to have John and Todd??s smiling faces back at Fireside Lodge. Before super this group caught over 30 nice Smallmouth Bass. GREAT START! First full day was phenomenal as they landed over 90 Northern Pike, and caught 5 Smallmouth Bass with Dan catching two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 18 and 19-inches. Second day they had great Smallmouth Bass fishing, catching well over 60. The third and final day was very windy, bit despite the conditions they still caught over 30 fish. Fabulous Fun, and Terrific Memories were had by these two fathers sand sons, and thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to enjoy this special family time.

First timers at Fireside Lodge were Jim, Jon, and Michael Anderson and Russell (Rusty) Parker from Groveland, Ayer, and Haverhill, MA. First day ever fishing Little Vermilion Lake System for this group and they did great catching a lot of fish as a group and the Jim / Rusty combination caught 30 Northern Pike before suppertime. Jon and Mike caught a combination of Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Second day was even better with Jon and Mike getting a lot of Northern Pike action and Jim and Rusty teamed up for well over 20 Northern Pike, Jim catching a Monster 37.5-incher, and Rusty caught a Big 36-inch heavy Muskie, his first ever. Third and final day they all caught a lot of fish, enjoyed the great wilderness making wonderful family memories. Three days are short and all wished it did not end so quickly, but all left having a great experience.

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Hot Lures of The Week: Blue Fox Spinner, X-Rap, Tubes, Sinking Worms, Leeches,

Catches of the Week: several 19.5-inch Smallmouth, 43-inch Muskie, 40-inch Musky, 39.5-inch Northern Pike

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan


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