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Fishing reports are written weekly throughout the open fishing season based on Fireside Lodge guests reports of their daily fishing experiences while fishing at Fireside Lodge


Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 7/12 to 7/19 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report July 12 to July 19 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario. The week started out cold and rainy and by Tuesday the temperatures got back to normal, but it persisted to stay wet. Oh well, that??s the great outdoors, and why they sell good rainwear.

Returning to Fireside Lodge for their third time were Bernie Jackson, Lester Freeman, Dennis Kinkaid, and Stan Hollis all from Ponca City, OK.
First day on the water, and for Stan the first time ever fishing in Canada, Bernie and Stan caught 60 Northern Pike and Lester and Dennis had slightly lower totals. For Stan it was his first Northern Pike ever. Could you imagine catching your first Northern pike ever and then landing almost 30 in one day. Second day Bernie and Stan were brought down to earth as they caught 18 Northern Pike in sever cold front, windy and rainy conditions, and Lester and Dennis did not fair as well. Third day was a complete wash as the cold, rain, and wind kept them in for a day of rest in our new comfortable lake front cabins. The next day Bernie and Stan caught 28 Northern Pike and three Smallmouth, while Lester and Dennis portaged to a secluded lake, enjoyed the peacefulness of the wilderness and caught some Smallmouth with Lester landing a huge 17.5-inch Smallie. Last day they caught fish and appreciated the where they were, as they knew they were soon to return to the hustle and bustle of city life. All left having a great stay at Fireside Lodge and hope to return soon.
By the way, Hello to Gerald from these fellows.

Returning for his fourth time was Wayne Busdiecker from Centerville, OH son Todd from Lebanon, OH, son-in-law Chris Diatte from West Chester, OH and grandsons Michael, John and Josh. They arrived excited and ready to go, with Michael, John, and Josh all having a traditional Canadian spoon tied to their lines, a ??Williams Wobbler?. First day despite the volatile weather, with high winds and thunderstorms and returning at 1:00PM, one boat caught 40 Smallmouth Bass and the other boat landed over 30. Second day they had a great toothy critter day catching a number of Northern Pike as Michael, John, and Josh all had a blast catching some fish, and Todd came up with the Pike of the day measuring a thick 37.5 inches. After a wet, windy, cold, rainy day they all enjoyed playing board games, chess, and just having fun soaking up the lodge atmosphere. Third and final day the targeting Smallmouth was very successful as they caught a bunch of Smallmouth, and Wayne thinks he had a World Record 33-inch Smallmouth. When the fish hit and as he was struggling landing the fish he thought, WOW what a giant Smallie. When it was landed it was heavily striped and 33-inches. After the determination it was a Tiger Musky caught on 6lb test with a leech, Wayne still tried to sell the goods that it was just a different looking Smallmouth. Well, no one was buying, but the Tiger Muskie was a very impressive catch for Wayne on light tackle. All left having tons of fun, many memories made, and already planning for their 2009 fishing trip to Fireside Lodge.

Fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time was family Marvin, Deborah, Todd, and Christy Gillfillan from Hamilton, OH. They arrived as a severe cold front came through dumping 2.3 inches of rainfall with thunderstorms. Despite the conditions of high winds, rain, cold and being the first time ever fishing Little Vermilion Lake they still caught some Northern Pike with a large one getting away from Deborah at boat side. Second day the weather did not improve much but they did manage to catch some toothy critters with an old standby lure, the five of diamonds spoon. Third day, with the weather being more accommodating, they ventured out farther, and as Marvin out it, they caught a few stupid ones. Fourth day was spent having lunch and some fun time around a great natural wonder, Twin Falls. Being our only outlet for Little Vermillion Lake, and having a lot of rain, the water is just thundering over the falls making a fabulous sight and deafening sound. They caught some fish, enjoyed their last day, but not without a heavy rain storm or two. I have to give this family credit as they were always positive and smiling despite the heavy rains, thunder, and cold windy days they had during their four days. All went home just as they came, with smiles and enjoying their family vacation time together. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to make your special family memories.

First time guests at Fireside Lodge were John and Monica Ziegler from Union Hall, VA. First day Mother Nature handed these two severe cold front conditions with high winds and rain. They did well catching a few fish during the short time fishing. Second day was bad weather conditions and they just went on the water for a very short time, and decided to enjoy the wilderness view from their cabin spending some quiet time together. During their whole stay they were plagued by T-Storms, and even on their last day when it was nice all day it still stormed at suppertime. But at least they were able to enjoy the full day, catch some fish, and enjoy the beauty that shines in this area on a beautiful summer day. I give these two credit for the positive attitude, and enjoying their wilderness vacation despite Mother Nature??s temper. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge as your vacation destination and hope these two come back when the weather is more accommodating.

Also at Fireside Lodge for there first time were Frank Horn from New Bern, VA and son and Granddaughter James and Caroline Horne from Virginia Beach, VA. First time ever on our lake system, and they had to brave it in high winds, cold temps, and heavy rain. Despite these conditions they caught a few fish, and Caroline was a trooper staying out all day never giving an indication of giving up. Second day they did well catching Smallmouth and Northern Pike, and they also visited Twin Falls, which is a natural wonder on Little Vermilion Lake. Caroline had a fabulous time adventuring around the falls and enjoying is fabulous view and roaring sounds. Their third and final day found themselves near the Twin Falls area again to enjoy lunch. They had a great day catching Smallmouth, all doing well, with Caroline catching 7 herself. All three had a great three generations fishing trip and hope to return one day soon.

Back for their fourth consecutive year were Jack and Steven Starnes from Wise and Duffield, VA. Despite tough cold front conditions on their day of arrival they managed about 15 Smallmouth. First full day of fishing they caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, despite the cold, rainy, and windy conditions. They mixed it up a bit catching them on top water, stick baits, spinners, and plastics. They never caught a lot in one spot, but caught a bunch by moving a lot, and Steven caught an 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. Second full day they caught close to 100 Smallmouth, with Steven leading the way using a top water Pop-R. Third day they caught 30-40 Smallies and raised a few Muskie. On the fourth day they had a fabulous day catching Smallmouth as the landed well over 120 all on surface lures, Pop-R??s and Baby Torpedo??s. They also caught BIG Smallies and landed 5 Master Anglers Awards Smallmouth between 18 and 19.5-inches. TERRIFIC DAY!!!!! The fifth day had them portaging for some Walleye catching 10, five each, big Walleye ranging from 23 to 26-inches and 45 Northern Pike to boot. That evening after supper they also caught 25 Smallmouth including 2 Master Anglers Award Smallies. The last day was not their best, but they still caught a good number of Smallmouth for the windy conditions. Jack and Steven had another great week together fishing, catching, making memories and intend on doing it again in 2009 as they made their reservations before departing.

Tyler Tennant from League City, TX returned to Fireside Lodge for his third trip with father-in-law Peter Higman from Libertyville, IL. First two days they did well catching Pike and Tyler lost a HUGE fish, as after showing itself took Tyler into the weeds and wrapped around the weeds so tightly Tyler could not budge the fish. Well the end was a broken line and lost fish. That??s Fish??n. Second day while Muskie fishing they landed 3 in the 37 to 38 inch range. That??s Great Muskie Fishing and Great Musky Catching. Third day was dedicated to Musky Hunting raising some, and Tyler had a BIG one hooked and during the battle left him with just his lure and a few teeth embedded in the lure. At least he got the lure back! Next day as Peter said ??They Had A Fabulous Day Pike Fishing? as their numbers and size were good catching most in the 30 to 34-inch range. On the last day in search if the Monster they achieved their goal as Peter hooked into the fish of his life. After burrowing down in the weeds Tyler used some ingenuity taking an anchor and sending it in the area where the fish was laying on the bottom. After bobbing the anchor up and down a few times the fish scared out of the weeds and the fight was on. Peter ended up getting the fish in the cradle, and it was a 48-inch HUGE Master Anglers Award Musky. WOW!!!!!! What a catch and a great way to end their trip. Both said they would be returning next year for more MUSKY Hunting.
Returning to Fireside Lodge for their 6th time were father and son Randy and Cory Neubert from Rockford and Eligin IL with good friend Ted Wittfield from Loves Park, IL. First day on the water they caught 35 Smallmouth, with Cory setting the pace catching an 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. In the evening they caught more Smallmouth and Randy landed an 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. First full day they caught a lot of Smallmouth and the second day was even better with the boat total being around 100 Smallmouth Bass all between 12 to 17- inches. WOW what a fabulous day. Third day they caught a good number of fish, and after it started raining Randy said, as it rained harder the fish got bigger. Fourth day they again had a great day catching a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, with a lot 14 to 16-inches, and had a terrific shore lunch at Twin Falls. Fifth day was again a good catching day with the Smallmouth running a little smaller than the other days. Sixth and final day they finished strong catching a lot of Smallmouth. All had a great trip and were sad to leave.

Fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time were David Jewell and Wendell Hill from Pineville and Foster, WV. After seeing our brochure and all the Master anglers Awards Angie and Brent Bostic, from Hurricane, WV caught at Fireside Lodge in 2007 they called them to verify the fishing success they had, and could not resist the opportunity to catch those BIG BRAWNY Smallmouth Bass. First day they caught a bunch of Smallmouth with Wendell catching and 18.5-inch master Anglers Award Smallie, plus a 30, 32, and 33-inch Northern Pike. Second day they again caught a lot of Smallmouth up to 17-inches and Wendell, during heavy rain caught a 29-inch Northern Pike after going to shore for cover. Third day they caught 35-plus Smallmouth before supper all on surface. They ended up with over 100 Smallmouth by Suppertime. David as he was catching a Smallmouth a BIG Musky hit his Bass and had it sideways in it??s mouth. David fought the Musky for a while and then it let go, but came back to hit it again. This time Wendell was able to net the Musky and Smallmouth and David has a great photo holding a 40-inch Plus Muskie. Great story and Great catch. By the way as these West Virginia boys were getting on the heavy top water action with big Smallmouth they thought about their good friend Steve Mitchell who decided not to come on this trip. Too bad for Steve. Fourth day I asked Wendell at suppertime how their day was and he said ?? Alan, It was a slower day today, we only caught 50 Smallmouth Bass. ?. My response to him was ?? Wendell, you just gave me great material for my fishing report because I can write that a slow day of fishing at Fireside Lodge, according to Wendell, is when him and David catch 50 Smallmouth Bass before 4:00PM?. They both laughed and realized they were spoiled by their two previous days fishing. Last day was spent Northern Pike fishing and they caught more than 100, and Wendell lost the fish of his life as a 40-inch plus Pike took him under the boat, leaped clear out of the water just a few feet from the boat, and splashed Wendell as it broke his line. Both had a FABULOUS first stay at Fireside Lodge and intend on returning with more friends and family.

Mike and Zack Gerulski from Hawthorne Woods, MI returned to Fireside Lodge for another year of fishing and memory making. Zack came prepared with his magic spinner grub. Day of arrival Zack got a quick start getting ahead of his dad 10 to 1 in Smallmouth caught, and also got the BIG fish landing an 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. All on his secret Zack Bass Zapper. First day they caught 16 Smallmouth and had a few toothy critters interested, but they just would not bite. Second day before super they caught 12 Smallmouth, and had a few BIG toothy critters just nudge their lures, and in the evening they tore up the Smallmouth catching another 20 with Mike catching an 18-inch Master Angler Award Smallie. Third day surface was the answer for Smallmouth before noon. By suppertime they caught over 25 Smallmouth Bass. Fourth day was a mostly Muskie fishing and some Smallmouth fishing. According to Mike, him and Zack had the potential to have a spectacular day as they had a bunch of Musky follows with some flaring their gills and bumping their lures, but just could not hook up. They did catch some Big Smallmouth Bass and lost a couple of monsters. Both had loads of fun even though their catch to contact ratio was low. Last day before supper they caught 21 Smallmouth in an afternoon flurry and Mike caught a 32-inch Northern Pike. That evening they caught a few more fish, but mostly soaked up the great wilderness that surrounded them, and enjoyed the beautiful Canadian Sunset. They intend on returning in 2009 to celebrate our 20-year anniversary at Fireside Lodge.

Jim and Andy Paprocki from Pekin, IL and Bayside, WI, Truman Shute from Olive Branch, MS, Roly Cruzet from York, PA and Dennis Hummel from Morton, IL all found their way to Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day Roly, Truman, and Dennis caught over 50 Northern pike and Roly caught his first Musky ever. Andy and Jim caught about a dozen fish. Andy and Jim had a great second day catching 17 Northern Pike. Third day they had fun with each boat catching about 12 toothy critters. There last two days they did great catching a lot of fish and having a great time together.

Kent Williams and Bill Black from Atlanta, GA returned to Fireside Lodge for their fifth year in a row. First day Kent picked up from where he left off last year as he again caught a 42-inch, very heavy Musky, on a white jig. Great catch and great cradle job by Bill, which cost him a supper. Second day they had one of their slower days despite the good fishing conditions, and other in camp doing well. The third day after fishing in a lot of spots and using many different techniques they discovered live leeches to be the answer and ended up catching a lot of Smallies in the afternoon. Kent said they would try different lures in spots they were catching Smallmouth, however the Bass would only take the Leech presentation. Last day was spent catching as Bill said ??As many Smallmouth Bass as we wanted?; however finding sizable fish was spotty for them. They did catch some up to 16 inches and had a blast doing so. They left with enjoyment of the week on their faces already talking about their 2009 return, and they will be trying to coordinate dates with Mike and Zack Gerulski, above, as they became good friends while coming to Fireside Lodge past years.

A fathers and sons group of Jack, Kevin, and Jacob Dunn / Dan, and Raymond Dunn / Thomas and Connor Murray / and Rich, Bradley, and Robert Colwell from Orland Park and Palos Park, Il and Franklin, WI were all fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day as a group before supper they caught between 20 o 30 Smallmouth bass per boat, and for four boats this comes to about 100 Smallmouth Bass. Great for their first time ever fishing Little Vermilion Lake. That same evening they fished after supper and did great catching more Smallmouth but bigger fish 16 to 19.5-inches. Robert and Conner ended up with the Master Anglers Award sizes, with Conner landing a beauty at 18-inches and Robert??s was a beast measuring every bit of 19-inches. Jacob and Bradley while using a Chug Bug and Torpedo for Smallmouth Bass, both had explosive blow-ups, and both hooked and landed big Northern Pike in the 30-inch range. TERRIFIC first day for this group at Fireside Lodge. Second day was a great Northern Pike day. Rich, Robert and Brad landed 20 and lost 7-10. The others caught 20 to 40 Pike per boat and Jack, Kevin, and Jake caught 40-45 fish. Jake had a few of the bigger Pike of the group. However, 9-year old Connor came up with the catch of the day, being a GIANT 19.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. Look for this great photo on my Weekly Photo 2008 page of our website. Third day was a phenomenal Smallmouth Bass day as Jack, Jake, and Kevin caught 87, Rich, Robert, and Brad caught over 60, and the others caught 30 to 40 per boat, for well over 200 as a group. Also Connor caught a 31-inch Northern Pike, and Raymond caught a 31.5-inch Pike. Great fun was had by all. Fourth and final day they did very well with Jack, Jake, and Kevin catching 67 Smallmouth Bass, and Jake really did well catching 41 of the total. This happened before a storm chased them in at about 2:00PM. The four leaving as Master Anglers in the Smallmouth Bass category were Raymond at 18-inches, Rob at 19-inches and 9-year old Connor with an 18 and 19.5-inch Smallmouth Bass. All did great, had tonnes of fun, and made priceless family memories together.

Fireside Lodge first timers were father and son team Joseph and Todd Chiusano from Pittsburgh, PA. This was a special trip as it was a birthday gift from Todd to his father. First day was a learning experience while catching a few fish. Second day was better as they had a lot of follows and strikes, and caught some Northern Pike. After some discussion it was determined that Joe and Todd were using lures much larger than other guests, and that they should size down. So they visited the tackle shop and bought some smaller lures for the next day. The last day was their best as they caught a lot of Smallmouth Bass with some Northern Pike, and thoroughly enjoyed they day even though a storm forced them off the water. Just the excuse to take a nice afternoon nap, and they got into such a deep sleep they slept right through supper time in the dinning room. Joe and Todd had a special father and son trip together, making wonderful memories. Both said they will return as they departed.

Steve Lobb from London, England was at Fireside Lodge for his first time with his son Jameson, who was very excited to be fishing with his dad. What 10 year old won??t be full of excitement on such a great fishing adventure. Here for only two days, and in search of Northern Pike, they had an exciting time as they caught some Northern Pike between 26 to 30 inches and Steve hooked a Monster Musky which took drag faster than he could adjust for, and after getting it to the boat Jameson did a great job at netting however the fish was a little too big and powerful, jumped and threw the hook, ended up out of the net and swam away. Great fishing experience between father and son. Second and final day they were right back at it catching some larger Northern Pike, and Jameson caught a 30??inch Muskie all before noon. Camera batteries had gone so they came back to refresh in hopes of capturing that photo of a GIANT toothy critter. They finished their last day with an evening fish catching a few Northern Pike, having some follows, and enjoying the beautiful calm waters.  After returning to the lodge they played a board game for a few hours, and Jameson had a BIG smile on his face spending this special time with his Dad. Steve and Jameson made priceless memories together and intend on returning as Steve??s parting words were ??See Ya Next Year?.

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see the 2008 Photos

Hot Lures of The Week: Pop-R, Chug Bug, Swim Baits, Blue Fox Spinner, White Plastic Jig, Baby Torpedo, Live & Plastic Leeches, Rapala Stick Bait, Sinking Worm, X-Rap, Zara Spook,

Catches of the Week: 48-inch Musky, 42-inch Muskie, 19.5-inch Smallmouth Bass, 36-inch Northern Pike on a live leech with 6lb test line

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan


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