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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/28 to 7/5 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/28 to 7/5 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest, Ontario, Canada. The weather was beautiful during this week as we had temperatures mostly in the low 70??s. We did have a major rain event which seems to be a normal happening this year, maintaining our very high water levels.

For the fourth year in a row father and son Bill and Mike Aulenbach from Barberton, OH and Fort Meyers, FL with friend Bill Rasbach from Hudson, OH were fishing at Fireside Lodge. Usually son Kyle makes the trip with Bill R however he was busy starting his career, so good friend Charlie Walton from Hudson, OH joined the group for his first fishing experience at Fireside Lodge. Bill A came determined to catch his first Muskie and on his very first day of arrival he caught a beauty measuring 36 inches. Bill R and Charlie are fly fishers and on their first day they caught over 20 Northern Pike on the fly. These two did well all week fly-fishing for Smallmouth and their highlight was catching well over 30 nice Smallmouth all while fly-fishing. They caught a lot of fish 14 to 16 inches. Bill A and son Mike had a ball all week chasing the toothy critters catching many throughout the week up to 36 inches, and they also had a very good Smallmouth fishing. On day at one of our out lake adventures they caught as a group about 30 Walleye, 30 Northern Pike and 12 Smallmouth. All had a great time and reservations are already made for this group in 2009.

Long time guest of Fireside Lodge Michael and Linda Lapresi from Tucker, GA were back to enjoy our Canadian Wilderness Fishing. These two had a TERRIFIC fishing trip as they not only caught a bunch of fish, 30-40 a day during their 5 day trip, but they also enjoyed the atmosphere and wilderness we have at Fireside Lodge. Very first day they caught over 40 Smallmouth, all big, and each caught a Master Angler Award Smallmouth. This was done on all top water, with Mike catching all his fly-fishing with a Popper and Linda using a Torpedo. This set the pace for the rest of their stay. One day after having such fabulous surface action on Big Smallmouth Mike turned to me and said that the fishing was so good that it seemed illegal. One day they decided to Pike fish and they caught many, and Linda said at supper it was her best Northern Pike fishing ever. Both left landing Master Anglers Award Smallmouth all at 18-inches and Mike caught three on the fly rod, all 18-inches. GREAT FUN, GREAT FISHING, and most of all a wonderful getaway for Mike and Linda. A final quote from Mike was ??Alan & Audrey?Linda and I had a fantastic time last week?the fly fishing for smallmouth was tremendous and more than I had hoped for??

Dave & Mike Haener, Chris Carberry, and Ben Vanderlei from Bartlett, IL and Ocean Grove, NJ were back to Fireside Lodge for the second consecutive year. They did great during their three days of fishing as they caught a lot of Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and several Musky. They spent most of their time on the water and the results were great as Ben and Mike both caught Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, Ben??s measured a large18.5 inches and Mike??s was a GIAGANTIC 20-inhes. WOW what a special Smallmouth. Dave missed a HUGE Msuke at the boat the last evening, but ??That??s Fish??n?. The group also enjoyed a shore lunch cooked over an open fire, which is always a favorite. All left having a great stay full of fun and memories and hope to return in the near future.

Father and son Steve and Dave King from Cedar Rapids, IA were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. Despite new waters they did great on their first day catching a lot of nice Smallmouth Bass with a white twister tail. Second day they were struggling up to 2:00PM, not landing one fish, but before suppertime they got hot catching over 30 Smallmouth and some Northern Pike, including a 30-inch Pike caught by Dave on 4lb test with no leader. The third day was fabulous Northern Pike fishing as they landed 45-50 Northern Pike and lost a bunch. Their fourth and final day was a day full of Thunder Storms and heavy rain and lighting. Seeing that it was not going away they decided to hit the road early for the return trip home, but very satisfied with their fishing and catching.

Bob Ahrens from Kapolei, Hawaii returned to Fireside Lodge for his second time and with him was first time guest Steve Woodsmill from Prairie Village, KS. They had a great trip catching Northern Pike and a few Smallmouth Bass. Two highlight days is when they caught many Northern Pike each day estimated at 25 plus, and their last day they could not keep count and probably caught twice that amount. Steve was always conversing about different lures, and buying and trying new baits. He would be found sitting up in the lodge at night, after all were in bed, quietly re-arranging his tackle and planning the next days adventure. Steve??s efforts paid off as he took home a Smallmouth Bass Master Anglers Award Patch for landing an 18-inch Smallmouth.

Rick DiMonte from Glenview, IL brought his son Michael to Fireside Lodge for his graduation gift. What a great gift for a great accomplishment. Here for three days this father and son made the most of their fishing time. First day fishing they had very good Smallmouth Bass fishing. Second day they caught a bunch of Northern Pike and on their third and final day they caught a combination of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike. Great father and son memories were made and a gift always to be remembered by Michael.

David Bone and Dean Taylor from Woodland Park and Colorado Springs, CO were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First day they caught well over 20 Northern pike and several Smallmouth Bass, two being over 4lbs. Second day was all Smallmouth landing over 40 Smallmouth Bass. After their third day being slower they rebounded and caught 54 Smallmouth on the fourth day, and most of the Smallmouth were nice size. Their last day was slower but both had fun catching some fish and enjoying the wilderness all around them. Dave is well traveled to fishing resorts and gave me a very high compliment at suppertime, saying that along with the accommodations and service being the best he has ever had, the fishing was superb. Both had loads of fun and plan on returning to Fireside Lodge.

Frank and Linda Tyrrell from Canton, GA were returning to Fireside Lodge for their seventh consecutive year. These two always have fun and their laughter can always be heard coming from the dinning room. Concentrating on toothy critters Frank and Linda always do well catching larger Northern Pike. They forgive numbers in the search of bigger fish, and over the years have learned the lake well enough to produce fish day-in and day-out. Here for 7 full days they did have good fishing every day with a few excellent days. Highlights were Linda catching a 37.5 and 39-inch Muskie with Linda giving credit to Frank for putting her onto fish. Frank in addition to catching numerous heavy 28 to 35 inch Northern Pike caught his first ever Master Anglers Award fish, which was a HUGE 19-inch Smallmouth Bass. Frank was thrilled and in discussion the desire to catch a Master Anglers Pike or Musky came up. I had a lure suggestion, which made Frank hesitate, as it was a Blue Fox Spinner with a silver blade and pink bell. Franks comment was ??no pink for me?. So at breakfast that morning I presented him with this lure, and after a good laugh, and Frank getting comfortable with the ??PINK? idea he accepted and used it on his last day in an attempt to accomplish his goal. Well, there was no Master Anglers Northern Pike or Musky on his last day however there??s always next year.

David and Marc McFarland from Pendleton and Muncie, IN returned to Fireside Lodge for their sixth consecutive year. This father and son had a FABULOUS trip. On their first day they caught 51 Smallmouth Bass, 95 percent were 15 to 17.75-inches, and David landed an 18.25-inch Master Anglers Award Smallie and lost a Musky as it leaped completely out of the water and snapped his line. The second day was a combination of 30 Northern Pike and 16 Smallmouth Bass, and all the Smallmouth were BIG. Third day was a surface action as they landed 21 and lost as many on this exciting method of fishing. Next day was slower with 11 Smallmouth and David catching a Muskie. Fourth day was TERRIFIC as they caught 61 Smallmouth with 75 percent being 15-inches or better, and Dave caught another 18.5inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Last day they fished for Northern Pike and caught 49 of these toothy critters. Marc had the hot hand for a while and his advantage seemed to be a certain red and white Mepps spinner. Both had a blast and made another set of Fireside Lodge father and son memories, which won??t be their last as they made reservations for 2009 before leaving.

David Roberson from East Alton, IL returned to Fireside Lodge for his fourteenth trip in fifteen years this time with good friend Jim Haner from Roxana, IL. Experience pays off as these two did great fishing. Daily examples are; 50 plus Northern Pike10 Smallmouth 1 Musky, 61 BIGGER Smallmouth all on Surface Baits, 28 Northern Pike and 3 Smallmouth. There last full day of fishing they ended with a bang catching 52 Smallmouth Bass. Jim had loads of fun fishing and enjoying the great wilderness and wildlife that abounds our area, and how fortunate for Jim to have an experienced person like Dave show him our lake system for the first time. Both are planning a return trip to Fireside Lodge.

John and Mike Lutz from New Lisbon, NJ returned to Fireside Lodge for their ninth consecutive year. Well after many years of learning about fishing and fish habits Mike has turned into a very versatile fisherman. In his beginning years catching numbers of fish was number one, and boy did these two ever catch fish. But, in a progression Mike and John have appreciated the BIG fish more and more, and this is now what lures them to Fireside Lodge. Mike, last year caught a 41 and 42 inch Muskie and it??s obvious that his abilities as a fisher have also progressed. The first day they caught numbers of Pike and got that out of their system. The rest of the week they caught on the average of 12 to 20 Northern Pike most between the 28 to 35 inch range. Mike had a big strike on a lure called the ??Pounder? but missed the fish. They did not catch any lunkers but there is always next year. Both had loads of fun and made yet another set of father and son memories at Fireside Lodge. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to spend this special time together between father and son.

Martin and Julie Duda from Belleville, MI were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. Never in Northwest, Ontario they were in awe of the great wilderness and wildlife that exists in the vast Boreal Forest. First evening fishing they caught some very nice size Smallmouth Bass on surface baits and Julie set the bar high as she landed a MONSTER 19-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. WOW, what a great catch. Every day they did well catching a lot of Smallmouth / Northern Pike and Martin came close to matching Julie??s catch many times, catching Smallmouth in the 17-inch range. These are fabulous size Smallmouth on our lake system as they are all very heavy and have plenty of girth. Well, Julie??s 19-incher held up to the test when all was said and done. They also saw a lot of wildlife, waterfowl, and birds, and just had a ball conversing and laughing with other guests. Both said they will return to enjoy another stay at Fireside Lodge.

Long time return guests Doug Shelly from Mount Joy, PA was proud to have a large portion of his immediate family at Fireside Lodge. Wife Cindy and sons Brad, Andrew and his wife Stephanie, mother and father Paul and Bernita and brother Billl, all from Mount Joy and Lancaster, PA. When Doug and Cindy were considering this family fishing adventure they asked their sons Andrew and Brad what they thought and they instantly said they wanted to go to Fireside Lodge where many family memories were made as youngsters. The day of arrival they went out and caught fish, 61 Northern Pike and Smallmouth, with Bill catching the largest Northern Pike at 33-inches. The first full day of fishing was a little hampered by storms so it actually was a half day, and they caught 36 Northern Pike and Smallmouth, and Andrew came up with the catch of the day landing a HUGE 18.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Second day was a very busy catching day as they caught 91 Northern Pike and some Smallmouth Bass. The third and final day they had a planned family shore lunch, which was a great event. They also caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass and just before coming off the water they hit a hot Pike bite catching 19 within 90 minutes and Doug came up with the Pike catches of the day by landing a 39-inch, and a 40.5-inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike. WOW, what a finish to a fabulous family fishing trip. We thank Doug, Cindy and sons Andrew and Brad for thinking so much of Fireside Lodge to want their whole family to make special memories together at Fireside Lodge. Doug??s parting words was ??we will see you next year?.

Randy Hickerson from Misson Viejo, CA was back to Fireside Lodge for his fourth time, and this time his two sisters Joyce and Janice, brother-in-law Tom and nephew Shawn, all from Southern California, were with him. Here for a short three days they had a great family fishing vacation. After catching some fish on the first day the decision was made to fish the old fashion way with live leeches and a weight, or under a float. Well for the next two days they caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass and had some wonderful family time in the boat together. Janice had the catch of the stay as she hooked and landed a BIG BRAWNY 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. Another unusual happening for this group was their encounter with a severe thunder and lighting storm. They got in the lodge at the nick of time, and avoided getting caught in the storm, of which they never see living in Southern California. All had loads of fun and went home with another set of wonderful family memories. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge for this precious family time.

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Hot Lures of The Week: Blue Fox Spinner, Tube Jig, Pop-R, Torpedo, Twister Tail, Road Runner, Bull Dog, Original Floating Rapala, Husky Jerk
Flies: Clouser Minnow, Poppers, Streamers

Catches of the Week: 40.5-inch and 39-inch Northern Pike, 20 and 19-inch Smallmouth Bass, 39-inch Musky

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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