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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/21 to 6/28 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/21 to 6/28 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest, Ontario, Canada. The weather held up all week giving us temperatures in the low to mid 70??s with almost no rain. This warmed up the waters, which is just what we needed to turn on the fish activity.

Dan Szkola and Don Landbo from Sugar Grove and South Elgin, IL were back fishing at Fireside Lodge for their sixth year. These two close friends have an absolute ball fishing at Fireside Lodge and this year was another one for the memory book. First day was exciting as they caught 23 Smallmouth Bass and each lost a Muskie and the story is worth telling. After Dan lost a Muskie, that same Muskie hit Don??s lure and he ended up losing it also. That??s teamwork among friends. Next day was 32 Northern Pike and 17 Smallmouth Bass with Dan catching two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth at 19.5 ??inches and 18-inches. Third day they caught in their words ??A Ton Of Northern Pike? and 6 Big Smallmouth  including an 18.75-inch by Don and 18-inch by Dan. The last two days were full of great Smallmouth and Northern Pike action and they caught 5 more Master Anglers Award Smallmouth between 18 and 19-inches. Another great trip for these special friends and they reserved their 2009 dates before departing.

Dan Mosier from Lincoln, NE and 12-year-old Nathan were back and for Dan it was his eleventh consecutive year. Dan has been here with his other son Caleb and two daughters Abbi and Sara. Dan and Nathan had a super fishing and catching trip. First day on the water they broke their old record of 61 Northern Pike caught by five as they landed 66 Northern Pike. a lot being 30-inches plus including a 38-inch Monster. Next day they caught 30+ Smallmouth Bass between 14 to 16 inches, a 36-inch Northern Pike and 37-inch Muskie. Third day these two caught over 20 Smallmouth Bass between 16 to 17 inches and Dan finally caught a Tiger Muskie at a HUGE FAT 38-icnhes. Their last day ended with a bang as t hey caught 31 Northern Pike and 49 Smallmouth Bass. Dan caught three Master Angers Award Smallmouth between 18 to 18.5 inches, and Nathan landed one measuring 18,25-inches. Dan and Nathan went home having their best fishing ever and made another set of memories for their log. Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge.

Ron and Mary Beth Huffman from IL returned to Fireside Lodge for their fourth time. Before leaving Ron claimed they had their best fishing trip ever. Here??s the day-by-day run down. Day of arrival: evening 4 Smallmouth Ron caught 18? Master Anglers Award. Day 1: 100 Northern Pike 6 over 34 inches, Day 2: 60 Northern Pike 4 over 34 inches and a 40 inch Muskie, Day 3: 100 plus Smallmouth Bass of which 7 were master Anglers Award Smallies between 18 and 19.5 inches, Day 4: 5 Pike 5 Smallmouth and had a lot of Muskie follows, Day 5: one 34 inch Pike and many Smallmouth with 7 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth between 18 and 20 inches, Day 6: over 40 Northern Pike with 5 over 30 inches 6 Smallmouth and a 34 inch Muskie. That rounded off their fishing week and what a Fabulous catching week. Ron and Marybeth were thrilled with their week at Fireside Lodge.

Roy, Robert, and Ross Lagerblade from Rock Island, IL, Port Byron, IL, and Crest Wood Ky, back for their third consecutive year, along with Pete Babcock and Tod and Alex Luppen from Moline and Rock Island, IL returned to fish at Fireside Lodge. First day Roy and Ross landed five Muskie, with Roy catching his first and second Musky ever, and Ross lost a HUGE Muskie at the boat. Great day Muskie fishing in any boat. Todd and Alex caught 20 Northern Pike each and Alex landed his biggest ever Northern Pike and Smallmouth. Second day had the whole group having a fabulous day catching over 80 Northern Pike and witnessed a feeding frenzy as Northern Pike were surfacing all over feeding on large schools of minnows. This is and event people read about but rarely see. Third and fourth day they caught fish, but it was slower than their first two days. On their fifth and final day they finished with a BANG as the group caught 124 Northern Pike and Roy, having the hot Muskie hand for the week, caught his third Musky. All had a great family trip, made plenty of memories, and are planning their future return to Fireside Lodge.

First time guests of Fireside Lodge Johnnie Chapel, Stephen Fox, and Landon Scott from Hermitage, TN, Stevensville, MI, and Rowlett, TX were very excited to fish Little Vermilion Lake system. These guys had the fishing trip of their lives at Fireside Lodge. They have frequented Northwest Ontario before fishing several other lakes, however they told me they never caught so many fish and quality size fish. First day they got started by catching about 15 Smallmouth, all were large, including a Master anglers Award smallmouth by both Landon at 18-inches and Stephen at 19-inches. The following days were 50+ Smallmouth all 15 to 17.5-inches on surface baits, 80+ Northern Pike, 60 Smallmouth Bass, and the last day they caught over 100 Northern Pike and some BIG Smallies. Together they accounted for 6 Master Anglers award Smallmouth between 18 to 19-inches. Johnnie told me at the supper table that he never was so sore from catching fish. Fabulous fishing trip for these three and no doubt they will visit us again some day.

Long time return guests Phil, Tim, and Brad Spahr from Fairborn, OH and Marborough, MA brought first timer, and Tim??s good friend Todd McGehee from San Antonio, TX. No matter what happens fun and laughs is a given with this group. Since Phil keeps detailed records and shares them with me I will quote there catches straight from Phil??s recording. Day of arrival within a few hours 16 Pike, 4 Smallmouth with Todd setting the pace with a GIANT 19.5-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, Day 1 117 Northern Pike 4 Smallmouth, Day 2 Musky fishing caught a 34-inch Tiger Musky and 37-inch Clear Muskie along with 20 Pike and 2 Bass with many Muskie follows, Day 3 caught 16 Northern Pike 1-34, 35, 36-inch Pike and 15 Smallmouth, Day 4 caught 34 Pike mostly being over 32-inches and several in the 34-inch range, Day 5 caught 70 Northern Pike many over 30-inches and 5 Smallmouth Bass, and day 6 was slowed down by heavy rain catching 7 Pike and 4 Smallmouth. This group not only enjoys fishing but also loves the wilderness atmosphere, wildlife, birds, and wonderful conversation we all seem to have when they are here. Todd had a great first trip leaving with plans to return for this annual Spahr fishing trip. As for Phil, Tim, and Brad they made their reservations before departing.

Father and son Paul and Tony Capecchi from Inver Grove Hgts, MN returned to Fireside Lodge for their seventh consecutive year. For this week Paul and Tony spend more time on the water than they do off the water as they enjoy every available minute in the wonderful wilderness setting we have available for our guests. First full day of fishing they caught well over 100 Northern Pike. Second day they caught over 40 Pike plus six Master Anglers award Smallmouth measuring 18.5, 19,19,19,19,5, and 19.5-inches, and Tony landed a HUGE 44-inch Master Anglers Award Muskie. WOW what a TERRIFIC day fishing. Tony also caught consecutive fish of a 44-inch Muskie, 19.5-inch Smallmouth Bass, and 33-inch Northern Pike within 12 minutes of each other. The third day they managed to catch 55 Northern Pike and 2 Muskie, including two at 36-inches, two 35-inchers and one at 34-inches. Fourth day while Muskie fishing they caught a 36, 33, 32, and 28-inch Muskie along with over 35 Smallmouth. Their last few days were full of great action on Northern Pike and Smallmouth and Tony managed to land 17 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth with 9 being between 19 and 19.5 inches. WOW what fabulous Smallmouth Bass fishing. Paul and Tony ha another wonderful father and son fishing trip at Fireside Lodge full of fun and memories, and reserved their dates for 2009 before leaving.

Returning to Fireside Lodge was Richard Locke and his daughter Sarah from Bellevue, NE. Here for four days these two had a blast fishing and seeing the great Canadian Wilderness together. They arrived excited seeing wildlife on their trip up to Fireside Lodge. First night fishing they caught a few fish. First full day they had a ball portaging to a lake, catching over 30 Northern Pike, and seeing Moose tracks and other wildlife while walking through the bush. After supper that evening they caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, and Rich landed an 18-inch Maser Anglers Award Smallmouth. Second day they caught a bunch of Northern pike and their real highlight was seeing two different Black Bear while fishing. Sarah was very excited to share her pictures with all back at the lodge, and we put them up on our viewer for all to see. One was a smaller bear that was not camera shy and the other was a big brute estimated at about 400lbs. Their last day was spent catching over 30 Smallmouth and enjoying their lunch at Twin Falls, a fabulous spot on the lake. Each caught a Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, Rich an 18-incher and Sarah??s was a HUGE 18.5-inches. Both had a fun stay at Fireside Lodge and made father and daughter memories to last a lifetime. Thanks for spending this special time at Fireside Lodge.

Father and son John and Walter North from Knoxville, TN were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time and for their first experience in the Canadian Wilderness. New to the lake system it was not long for them to catch on, as their first full day of fishing they caught over 30 Northern Pike. Second day was a bang-up day catching 67 Northern Pike and 4 Smallmouth Bass. Their third and final day came quick, and they spent it exploring different waters, catching a few fish, and taking in all the wonderful things there are to offer in the Canadian Wilderness that you cannot get in Knoxville, TN. Both left having a great first experience and hope to return.

Returning to Fireside Lodge for their 7th time were David and Kathie Drake from West Terre Haute, IN. Kathie and David remember Fireside Lodge from our early years and have see the progression and changes over the years. We had fun discussing the good old days when they would come with their son. Well, these two had a fabulous, relaxing stay, and did they ever catch fish and BIG Smallmouth. Their first three days they averaged 25 to 30 Smallmouth a day and moist were bigger fish. David started off on the day of their arrival by catching two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth both being 18-inches. On the first full day of fishing Kathie caught 5 Giant Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 18,18,18.5,19,and 19-inches. On their second day they combined for 5 more David catching one HUGE Smallie measuring 19.5-inches and Kathie coming up with four more. All were GIGANTIC Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass  measuring 19,19,19.5 and a whopping 20-inches. Fabulous Smallmouth fishing hard to matched anywhere in North America. The rest of the trip was wonderful enjoying the wilderness atmosphere we have to offer, viewing wildlife, great conversation in the lodge, and just sitting on their deck watching the beautiful Canadian sunsets. Before leaving Dave was already talking about their return trip to Fireside Lodge. Were very glad Kathie and David find such enjoyment spending their special time together at Fireside Lodge.

Father and sons Leon Robbins from Yadkinville, NC Andrew from Yadkinville and Farleigh, NC, Bill and Kirk Harlan from Clemmons, NC and Amherst, OH, Norval and Norval Mathie from Stuart, FL and West Chester, OH and William Burwinkel from Cincinnati, OH and Justin Sebastian from Mount, Holly, NC were returning to Fireside Lodge for their fourth time. These 8 said they had their best fishing ever, and the run down on their catches is as follows,  Day 1 Norval, Norv, and Bill B caught 14 Northern Pike, Kirk and Bill H caught 16 Northern Pike and Leon, Andy, and Justin caught 45 Northern Pike, 10 Smallmouth including 3 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth largest 20-inches. Day 2 Norv, Norv, and Bill B caught 55 Pike, Kirk and Bill H caught 43 Pike, and Leon, Andy, and Justin caught 61 Pike, 10 Smallmouth with 4 more Master Anglers Award Smallmouth largest 19.5-inches. Day three was a day off for most except Leon, Andy and Justin and they had a fabulous day catching 5 Pike, 6 Smallmouth but 4 were Master Anglers Award Smallies and 1 Musky including a 42-inch Tiger Musky.  Day 4 the group caught 91 Northern Pike, 86 Smallmouth Bass, and 5 Muskie being between 32 and 38-inches. The last day they caught as a group 104 Northern Pike, 47 Smallmouth Bass and the two 80 + seniors shined as Bill Harlen landed a HUMONGOUS Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring 20-inches, and Norv SR caught a nice Musky Great trip was had by all and Kirk was talking about the groups return in 2009 before departing.

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Hot Lures of The Week: Blue Fox Spinner, Torpedo, Pop-R, Spoons, Beatle Spin, Zara Spook, Mepps Musky Killer, Live Leeches

Catches of the Week: Three 20-inch Smallmouth Bass, 35 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth caught in one day, 42-inch Tiger Muskie, 5 Muskie caught in one day in one boat ranging from 32 to 38-inches, 44-inch Muskie, 63 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth caught in 6 days. 44-inch Muskie, 19.5-inch Smallmouth, and 33-inch Northern Pike caught within 12 minutes of each other

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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