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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/14 to 6/21 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 6/14 to 6/21 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest, Ontario, Canada. The weather was still cool and rainy at the beginning of the week however it did turn around by Tuesday and the sun appeared, and temperatures warmed near normal 70 degree temperatures. The Smallmouth Bass needed this to move them into spawning mode.

Good friends Richard Williams and Dion Pinero from Vidalia and Lyons, GA were back fishing at Fireside Lodge for their fourth time. There is no one else that enjoys Wilderness Fishing at Fireside Lodge as much as these two fishing buddies. They enjoy the Wilderness, Wildlife, Waterfowl, Birds, Scenery, and Elements as much as the fishing. These two did well fishing catching some good Smallmouth each day, and averaged more than one Master Anglers Smallmouth Bass for each of their four fishing days. Rich caught 4 himself, three being 18 inches and one was a monster measuring 19 inches. Dion caught one at 18 inches. Both had a great stay at Fireside Lodge and left with memories to last them until they are able to return.

Chad Lastovka and his two sons Mike and Chad from Dickson, TN were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. First of their three days they caught some nice Smallmouth Bass with Mike landing a beauty 19-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, and Mike lost a HUGE Muskie right at boat side. Second day was great as they caught 31 Smallmouth Bass, all on slow moving Rapala??s. The technique was casting a #7 Shad Rap, and after an initial twitch, reeling it in as slow as you can go. Some say it is hard fishing slow, but if you want to catch fish, do what the fish want. After supper they caught 6 more to make their total 37 for the day. GRRRREAT Day spent with a father and his two sons. Upon leaving they expressed that they enjoyed their stay at Fireside Lodge, and I know all took home some great family memories.

Father and son Robert and Robert McGinley were at Fireside Lodge for their first trip.
These two were a delight to see every day as they always had smiles on their faces and had a positive outlook to each day. Here, after Northern Pike, they enjoyed their pursuit. They struggled a little at the beginning, however did better each day, having their best catching on the last day. Bob, Jr caught a lot of Northern Pike and all were bigger Pike. For this father and son the fish were not the tell all, as just being able to spend special father and son time together in a wonderful wilderness atmosphere was the real catch.
Thanks for choosing Fireside Lodge to spend this special time together.

Rick and Sedrick Dark from Ames, IA found themselves at Fireside Lodge for their second time. Here for a four-day stay they started off catching good size Smallmouth on their day of arrival. Next two days they fished Lac Seul which is one of our new out lake opportunities we described in our brochure and website. They caught about 30 Walleye on their first day, along with a few Pike, and on the second day they caught about the same walleye with more Northern Pike action, catching a few larger Pike. The third day they caught a bunch of Smallmouth Bass, and on the fourth and final day they decided to adventure into one of our smaller out-lake opportunities. They were pleasantly surprised with good action on Smallmouth Bass, some being very big, and caught a few Walleye and a 42-inch Northern Pike. After hooking the fish it tail walked two times, and after fighting it up the rocky rapids, he realized he had no pliers. Sed had to walk over the rock rapids with pliers so Rick could unhook this beauty.  The BIG Northern Pike was released to be caught another day, and Rick and Sed made it back to dry ground safely. They had a fabulous trip and no doubt will return in the future.

Good friends Jerry Miller and Larry Beard from Erwin, TN were back to fish at Fireside Lodge together. For Jerry it is his twelfth consecutive year, with many years making two trips and this was Larry??s fourth return. For just a few hours on their day of arrival and their first full day of fishing these two caught 39 Smallmouth Bass and a few Pike. Second day they caught 35 nice Smallmouth Bass a few nice Northern Pike, including a BIG FAT 36-incher, and a Muskie. Third day was a BANG-UP day as they caught over 35 big Smallmouth 16 to 17.5 inches and 17 Northern Pike, most over 30 inches and heavy, including a 37-inch Pike. Their fourth day after catching some big Smallmouth and realizing they were on beds the decision was made not to fish for Smallmouth anymore and go for the long toothy critters. They were rewarded with good action on Northern Pike, mostly bigger Pike, Jerry landing a 41 inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike and Larry caught a 39 inch Muskie. They were thrilled and excited at suppertime, full of stories, as anyone would be. Their fifth and final day was the grand finally as they caught 125 to 135 Northern Pike most being 30 inches plus, and the largest was 38 inches. Both had a fabulous trip and Jerry will be back in later July with his wife Wanda. Larry intends on rounding his brothers and friends for a 2009 trip to Fireside Lodge.

Good friend Eric Jensen and Chris Walsh from Basking Ridge and Montclair, NJ were returning to Fireside Lodge for their third consecutive year and this time bringing friends Donald Cosgrove from New Hampshire, and Richard Rauh from Princeton, MA, for their first experience at Fireside Lodge. Day of arrival is just a few hours they caught Smallmouth Bass, Eric and Chris both landing an 18-icnh Master Angers Award Smallmouth and Dick caught and landed a nice 36??inch Muskie, his first ever. First day of fishing was full of great Smallmouth Bass action, and Dodd also landed a HUGE Smallmouth estimated at 19-19.5 inches. Chris and Eric landed 45-50 good size Smallmouth and Chris caught his second 18-inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. Grrrrreat Start for this group. Second day this group was the first to go to one of our out lake adventures. They choose to go on the bigger lake, Lac Seul and had a fabulous time exploring new waters. They ended up catching 10 very nice walleye, including a very large 25.5-incher, see Eric??s photo on our Current Photo page on our website. They also caught several Smallmouth Bass, and a lot of Northern Pike. Dodd caught the largest in this category weighing in at 15lbs. Their last two days were spent catching lots of Smallmouth Bass, and Dick caught a GIANT Master Anglers Award Smallmouth measuring every bit of 19.5-inches. All had great fun, and Eric reserved the same dates for 2009.

Mike Ueblherr from Stow, OH made his way to Fireside Lodge for his first time. Mike had an experience everyone should be concerned with as he had a Moose come out of no-where, run in front of his car, and they had a major collision. Mike came out of it shaken, but not hurt, and his car was badly damaged. I included this in my report so all will be extra careful when driving to Fireside Lodge, as this can happen to anyone. It took a day for Mike to settle down, but after that he settled-in as he felt at home at Fireside Lodge. Being his first time fishing on Little Vermilion Lake he did great as he caught a lot of Northern Pike and several Muskie. This leads me into a fabulous story. One evening while having some discussion in the lodge amongst guests, Mike posed this question to me. How do I handle a really big Northern Pike or Muskie by myself? Well, I answered him and showed some visuals from the fish mounts hanging in the lodge. Neither of us knew how valuable that information session would be to Mike the very next day. On consecutive casts he landed a 40 inch Master Anglers Award Northern Pike and a 46 inch Master Anglers Award Muskie. WOW!!!!!!!!! What a catch/catches by Mike, and good thing Mike was a good listener the night before. After the flurry of this BIG fish action, Mike found himself shaken. Anyone would and Mike will have a very special memory for his fishing log that most fisher will never be able to claim. Mike intends returning with his son in the very near future.

Group of six lead by Walt LaCasse from Minnetonka, MN were back again for their sixth consecutive year. They were Jim Jones from McKinney, Tx, Ron Ditilloe from Pittsburgh, PA, John Hietala from Northfield, MN, Richard Oksanen from Dallas, TX, David McCrokell from Plymouth, MA. The original three of Walt, Ron, and Jim have been coming to Fireside Lodge a lot longer. These three came to Fireside Lodge for their first time on a three-day package, and because of horrible weather and thunderstorms ended up on the water for only a day and a half. They also had a high temperature in June of 46 degrees F. Thinking that these guys would never return, they made a reservation for the next year before they left and the rest is history. This group had a fantastic 4 day trip and some of the highlights are: they caught 213 Northern Pike, 106 Smallmouth Bass, 5 Muskie, 1 Sucker, 1 Perch, and 1 Cisco. Dick caught a 46 inch Master Anglers Award Musky, Jim landed 40 inch Muskie and 35 inch Northern Pike, John caught a 38 inch Northern Pike and a 19.25 inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass, Walt caught two Master Anglers Award Smallmouth at 18 and a huge 19-inhes, and Ron Caught his first Muskie at 34 inches, and his first, second, and third Master Anglers Award Smallmouth at 18, 18.25, and a whopping 19 inches. All had an absolute ball and they made their reservations for 2009 before leaving.

Fore the fourth consecutive year Jerry Amer, Bill and Adam Calhoon, and Glenn Babka from Columbus, Ohio were at Fireside Lodge to enjoy our premium Smallmouth Bass fishery. Here for four days, these four made the most of their fishing time. First day father and son Bill and Adam caught well over 50 Smallmouth Bass and 50% were fly-fishing. The next day as a group they caught 90-100 Northern Pike along with some Smallmouth, and 3 Master Anglers Award Smallies measuring 2 at 18-inches and one GIANT 19-incher all on flies. 60% of the Northern Pike were on the fly rod. WOW!!!!! The third day they caught the heck out of Smallmouth Bass, Jerry caught 33, Adam 25, Bill and Glen combined for over 50, all fly fishing. The last day was the most remarkable as Jerry and Bill caught 20-plus Smallmouth Bass and 20-plus Northern Pike, Jerry catching 6 and Bill 1 Maser Anglers Award Smallies between 18-20-inches. Bill also caught a Muskie fly-fishing. Glen and Adam caught 25 Smallmouth and 11 Northern Pike landing 3 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth between 18 to 18.75 inches. Fabulous day fly-fishing, and an outstanding four-day fishing trip. After looking at the photos I encourage you to look at some of the bronze beauties on our website below on our Current Photo 2008 page. The photos should be posted in about 10 days. They reserved their dates for 2009 before leaving, and I am sure were planning tactics and flies on there return trip home.

Make sure to go to our website listed below to see the 2008 Photos

Hot Lures of The Week: Plastic Jigs, #7 Shad Rap, Pop-R, Torpedo, Blue Fox and Mepps Spinner, Spinner Bait, Husky Jerk
Hot Flies of the week: for Northern Pike Clouser Minnow, Deceiver, Bunny Bug, for Smallmouth Bass it was Lefty Poppers and Clouser Minnow colors being white, brown/white, green/white, red/white, crayfish

Catches of the Week: 20 inch Smallmouth Bass, two 46-inch Muskie, 41-inch Northern Pike
35 Master Anglers Award fish caught

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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