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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 5/31 to 6/7 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 5/31 to 6/7 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in beautiful Northwest, Ontario, Canada. After a few days of sunshine and temperatures reaching the 70-degree mark, cooler rainy weather again came upon us to further delay the Smallmouth Bass spawn. Weather is weather and nature??s way of balance.

No better to start our fishing report than with a little humor from the past and present. Taking the name from a comedy series in the 60??s the F-Troop does its duty in holding up the reputation the TV series developed originally. Father and son Fred and Matt Shadrick, Clark Benton, Mike Rothermel, Martin Jeakle, Robert Gall, and another father and son Bruno and John Leon from Troy, Grand Rapids, Lake Leelanau, and Berkley, MI, Hingham, MA, Danville, CA, Santa Fe, NM, and Cypress, TX were all back at Fireside Lodge for the ninth consecutive year to celebrate their 25 th anniversary of fishing together as a group. This group was up to their usual antics as they had fun all week and enjoyed each other??s company. In fact they have often said that their fishing trip is more about the comeratity among friends and family, than it is about how many fish they catch. However in that category they always have done well. This year was hampered a little by weather, but they caught a good number of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike, with Mike taking top billing catching a HUGE 19.25 inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth. No one is more deserving than Mike as he is the top fisher of the group and is always helping the others catch fish. Fred had what he said was his best day ever, catching all species, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskie, and Lake Trout, and BIG fish in each category. Guess what? He was fishing with Mike. This group is so tight that Rob made a fabulous effort to fly from California for only 4 days of the 6-day trip, as he had fly from Sioux Lookout to Honolulu to give a presentation for work. Great Group, Great Guys, equals GRRRRRRREAT memories. They are already reserved for their 10 th consecutive trip to Fireside Lodge in 2009.

First time guests Keith Kendrick and Bruce and Joyce Davidson from Toronto, Ontario came to Fireside Lodge to test the Smallmouth Bass fishing. Here for a short three days they caught all three species, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and landed a few incidental big Lake Trout. The Lake Trout have been caught more than usual this spring as the water temperatures have not warmed up enough to send this cold water species to the depths were no fishing lines are seen. They are caught on the same structures that Smallmouth frequent at this time of year. These three had a fabulous total experience at Fireside Lodge having great dinner time conversation over a glass of wine every evening, enjoying the tremendously vast wilderness we have at Fireside Lodge, and a special highlight for all, but especially Joy, was the super shore lunch they cooked over an open fire at Twin Falls. Joy expressed to Audrey and I her passion for the wilderness setting we are located within, and complimented our efforts at Fireside Lodge for keeping it as close to natural as possible. All had a great time and hope to return to Fireside Lodge soon.

At Fireside Lodge for their first time was Dan and Tim Garry, Dave Caldwell, Rich Knapper, Rod Dennison, John Molnar, Jim Drainer, Roland Reed from Willoughby, Mt Gilead, Cayahoga Fall, Hudson, Kirtland, Geneva, and Madison, Ohio and Dan Smierciak from Gainesville, FL.  After arriving the head organizer, Dan, had expressed that their group has been to several fishing lodges on a search mission for a lodge to come back to year after year. Here for a short three days they got right to fishing. Most were either fly fishers or starting to fly fish for their first time. Results ended up great for this group as Dan ended up with 24 Northern Pike fly fishing, landing a big brute measuring 38 inches, 2 Smallmouth Bass and two Moose Antlers. The moose antlers Dan went diving for in the frigid waters. Brother Tim was right behind Dan with 20 Northern Pike and one Muskie, John had 18 Northern Pike and one Smallmouth Bass, Roland caught 8 Northern Pike including a 36 incher and 4 Smallmouth Bass, and Dan Smierciak was the real story as he was just learning to Fly fish on his first day, and he managed to catch a total of 10 Northern Pike while fly fishing. All had a fantastic time at Fireside Lodge and before departing Dan and Tim left a deposit for the groups return trip in 2009. Mission accomplished.

Edward and Sandee Bachman from Waterville, OH were fishing at Fireside Lodge for their first time. Even though these two had limited success in catching because of weather conditions, it was not for lack of effort. Ed was a guide in his younger days and told some stories of the good old days, which brought a special twinkle to his eyes. Both had a great time enjoying the Canadian Wilderness Atmosphere, suppertime conversations, and most of all making memories together.

Returning for their third consecutive year were Ken Beta, Jim Nelson, Danny Gurley, Larry and Larry Jr Psyk from Fox Lake, Oak Brook, Cicero, IL and Onalaska and LaCrosse, WI. These guys have been fishing together many times and just can??t get enough of what the Canadian Wilderness Fishing has to offer. Some have been fishing in Canada since the 1960??s.
First day on the water was not fast and furious, but each boat caught 10-12 Smallmouth Bass, and despite the lack of quantity the quality was there, catching mostly bigger fish. Both Larry Sr. and Ken caught Master Anglers award Smallmouth. Ken caught one at 18.5 inches and Larry caught three, two measuring 18.5 inches and one monster measured at 19.5 inches. With the water and air temps colder than normal patience and slow presentations were bringing the best results. Second day was similar with more Master anglers Smallmouth being caught, Danny??s measured 18.5 inches and Larry Jr. catching a 19 inch Monster. Third day showed signs of increased activity with 22 Smallmouth being landed, 2 Northern Pike, and one HUGE Lake Trout caught by Larry Jr. Larry Sr. caught another 18.5 inch Master Anglers Smallmouth Bass. Fourth day was the break out day with Ken, Jim, and Danny catching 46 Smallmouth Bass, most between 15 to 17.5 inches. Jim had a special slow technique that landed 15 fish before Ken or Danny could catch one, they changed and evened things out a bit. Jim also caught four 17+-inch Smallmouth before finally landing his 18-inch Master Anglers Smallmouth, plus a 33-inch Northern Pike. Larry and Larry Jr. had a great day catching 9 Smallmouth Bass and 17 Northern Pike, with Larry Jr. landing a BIG 38 inch Northern Pike. Fifth day they did well catching 21 fish and Danny, Ken and Larry Jr. each caught a Muskie with Larry Jr. taking top billing landing a HUGE 42 inch Tiger Muskie. On their last day came a severe cold front with a North East wind and very heavy rain. They only fished for a few hours and caught a few fish, but mostly enjoyed sitting on the lodge screened in porch, smoking a few good cigars and having good conversation. All said they are returning next year, and some are even considering another trip in late August or September.

Aaron and Michele Hayes from N Aurora, IL returned to Fireside Lodge for their first of two fishing trips to Fireside Lodge in 2008. As always Aaron and Michele had a blast chasing toothy critters, and also did well on Smallmouth Bass. First day they started off with a bang, Aaron catching 26.5 and Michele 15.5 Northern Pike and Smallmouth. Aaron caught two 36-inch Pike and they had three doubles. The .5 is counting both Michele and Aaron loosing a fish right at the boat. Second day was active as they landed 27 fish, and Michele lost a 38-40 inch Northern Pike as it jumped clear out of the water and rolled at the boat. Their third day they also had great action, and it was a Big fish day as Aaron landed two 38 inch Northern Pike and they both caught Master Anglers Award Smallmouth, three in total, Aaron landing a 18 and 18.5 inch Smallmouth and Michele??s measuring 18 inches. Michele also caught a 27.5 inch, HUGE, Lake Trout while fishing for Smallmouth Bass. GREAT DAY. The next day Michele had great action on big Smallmouth, Landing two more Master Anglers Award Smallies that measured 18 and 18.5 inches. They ended their trip with a very windy, rainy, cold front day, but still managed to catch 20 nice fish, 14 Northern and 6 Smallmouth Bass. We look forward to seeing Aaron and Michele when they return to Fireside Lodge this September.

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Hot Lures of The Week: #3 & #5 Mepps Spinner, #3 &# 4 Blue Fox Spinner, Plastic Tube Jigs, X-Rap #10, Streamer Flies, Spoons

Catches of the Week: 19.5 inch and 19 inch Smallmouth Bass, 42 Inch Tiger Muskie, 32 inch Lake Trout, 38 inch Northern Pike.

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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