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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report 5/17 to 5/24 2008
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Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report May 17th to May 24th 2008

Hello from Fireside Lodge in Northwest Ontario. Opening day was May 17th an even though winter was technically over a long time ago we still had small areas of visible snow, the creek that runs through our property had ice and snow in the shaded areas, and the lake ice left completely only two days before opening day.

Frank Hazzard from Arlington, TX was our first guest to arrive for the 2008 season, which carried on a Fireside Lodge record for consecutive year visits to eighteen. Frank is an avid Smallmouth Bass fisher and after eighteen years his experience shines. During his entire stay Frank and another fisher, sometimes changing daily, caught 1035 Smallmouth Bass. Some of his better days had daily catches of 206, 106, 91, 85, and two 70 Smallmouth days. The other days ranged between 25 and 61 Smallmouth Bass. Many of the Smallmouth were large and heavy. Also over 60 Northern Pike were landed some in the 38 to 39 inch range, 6 Muskie including a 42 inch barred Musky and a 42 inch Tiger Muskie, 7 Whitefish, and over a dozen Lake Trout. Fishing was obviously great, however for Frank it??s not just about the fishing. Being in the beautiful Boreal forest, abounding in wildlife, waterfowl, many species of birds, beautiful starry nights with a possible glimpse of the Northern Lights, and going to bed with the wonderful sound of loons is an even bigger part of his stay at Fireside Lodge. Frank left as always, almost in tears longing for the day he could return to spend a few more of his ??Living Years? in the wonderful Canadian Wilderness Fireside Lodge has to offer.

Joe Sisco from Cable, WI and very good friends Dennis Brogan and Jeff Ziegler from Carol Stream, IL were back for their seventh consecutive opening week at Fireside Lodge. Day of arrival, in 2.5 hours, these three caught 10 Northern Pike and Jeff set the pace landing an 18.5 inch Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass. First full day they caught over 20 Smallmouth Bass, several nice Northern Pike, and accidentally caught two HUGE Lake Trout. Second day was even better catching over 30 Smallmouth Bass and several bigger Pike. The fish got more active each day as they had another 30 plus Smallmouth Bass day, and two days well over 40 Smallmouth Bass. Joe caught 3 Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass measuring, 18, 18, 18.5 inches and they also caught a mixed size of Northern Pike and a few more Lake Trout. They had another Terrific time together at Fireside Lodge, and before leaving reserved for a longer stay in 2009.

Glen Steiner from Allentown, PA was back for his third consecutive opening week and this time with fishing friend Don Setzer from North Catasauqua, PA. These two had a fabulous time catching Northern Pike during their 7 days of fishing. One day they caught close to 30 and lost about as many, along with catching a few walleye. Another day, while fishing for Northern Pike Don hooked into a GIANT 50 inch+ Muskie fighting it for 20 minutes. Glen actually helped Don by chasing the Big Musky with the outboard motor, but in the end Don lost the fish. They also caught some nice Smallmouth, with Glen catching two 18? Master Anglers Award Smallmouth Bass, and Don just missing the 18? mark. Both were very happy with their fishing week, and went home hoping to return to Fireside Lodge.

Back for their fifth consecutive year and eighth time were Bryan Neel III and Time Stewart from Rochester, MN. In those five years Tim and Bryan have visited Fireside Lodge 8 different times. They had and FABULOUS time, as always, catching Northern Pike. They were consistent throughout the week catching from a dozen to 35 fish daily, most being Northern Pike of all sizes. Their highlight fish for the week was Tim??s unexpectedly, hooking and landing a HUGE 46 inch beautiful clear Musky while Pike fishing. This earned Tim a Master Anglers Award, and he was still smiling ear to ear as he departed for home. Both went home happy and looking forward to their return to Fireside Lodge.

Returning for their third trip to Fireside Lodge were George and Luann Fischer from Green Bay, WI. These two had an absolute ton of fun at Fireside Lodge during their four-day stay. One of these days found George portaging to a lake, and after seeing lots of Moose sign and having a Grouse walk right up to him, he had a fun fishing day. He caught 25-30 Northern Pike and 8 Walleye, while having many other hits. Another day had George and Luann catching some nice Smallmouth Bass. On their fourth and final day they enjoyed a traditional shore lunch cooking over an open fire. It was a perfect day for this activity as it was partly sunny and cool. Both had another fabulous stay at Fireside Lodge, and are looking forward to their return.

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Hot Lures of The Week: Hair Jig, Stick Baits, Blue Fox Spinner, Count Down Rapala, Curly Tail Jig

Catches of the Week: 46 and 42 Inch Musky, 42 inch Tiger Muskie, 39 inch Northern Pike, 35 inch Lake Trout, 18.5 inch Smallmouth Bass, 24.5 inch Walleye

Well, that's it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report. Until then "Keep On Fish'n" Alan

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