Fireside Lodge Daily Fishing Catches-2015 Season

Curious about our guestâ??s fishing experiences in 2015?
Of course you are. Thatâ??s why we have included this page
that depicts the time of year against our guestâ??s catches.
Remember that all these fish were released so this in turn
increases your opportunity as a Fireside guest to experience
the same fabulous fishing.
The information was attained randomly from Fireside Lodge
guests at the end of their fishing day.
They are just a sampling of experiences
and there are many, many more!

Code: P= People, SB= Smallmouth Bass,
M= Muskie, N=Northern Pike

May 23rd to June 30th Daily Catches Included:

2P 93SB 16-17.5"
2P 37N most over 30"
2P over 100SB
2P 46SB 6-18"+20-17"+
3P 27N 11SB 2M
2P 36SB
2P 39SB 30-17"10-18"+
4P over 100NP
3P 18NP to 34"
2P 44N
2P 30+SB 6-18-19"
2P 50+SB 1M 
2P 37SB all 15-17.5"
2P 55SB
2P 47SB 1-20" 45"M
2P 17SB 6-18-19" Fly-Fishing
2P 16N Fly Fishing up to 32"
2P 100 SB 15-19" Fly Fishing
1P 42"M & 34"M Fly Fishing
4P 50+N
5P-4 days 5N 2-40",41",2-43"
2P 40+SB all surface fishing
3P 151N
2P 48N
3P 167N
4P 92N
2P over 100N
2P 108N 5SB
2P over 200N on Buzz Baits
2P 6M 32"-39"
2P 8M up to 41"
2P 58N all on Buzz Baits
4P 76N
2P 25SB 11N
2P 62SB
2P 31SB
2P 41N 25SB 5-18-19.5"
2P 40+SB lost 15-20 more
4P 60+SB
6P 275+N 30SB 15-18.5"
2P 116N 
6P 120+SB
3P over 100N
2P 72SB lot 15-18"
2P over 100N&SB 19"SB

July 1st to July 31st Daily Catches Included:
2P 100+N
4P 99N 1SB
2P 50+N
5P 100+N 34,38.5,42"
3P 50+N
4P over 120N
2P 81N
2P 42N
2P 40+N
2P 50+N
4P 64N 2 over 41"+
4P 74N to 37" SB-20.5"
2P 50+N 20+SB
2P 141N to-40.5" 2M
3P 105N 5SB
2P 30+SB all 15-18.5"
2P over 100N
4P 166N
2P 1/2 day 70+N
4P 120+N
2P 4M 38-41"
4P 157N
6P 251N 6SB
4P 23M in 5 Days up to 41"
2P over 60N
6P 189N 44SB 4-19"+
6P 9M 22N
2P 60+N
6P 351 Fish combo of N & SB
3P 40+SB 6N
3P 104N 
3P 45SB 6N to 38"
6P 38N 28-36"
3P 40+SB all 15-17.5"
2P 70+N
3P 109N
2P 77N
3P 36SB 5N
2P 165N
2P 93N 1M
2P 7M to 40.5"
2P 111N
2P 55N
10P over 150N
2P 68N
2P 92N
2P 110N 2SB 
3P 45SB

August 1st to September 12th Daily Catches Included:
6P 37N 13SB
2P 43N 5SB
2P 19SB 1 42"M
2P 51N 1 45"M
6P 22M in 6 days
2P 75+N
2P 37SB
4P 50+SB most 15-17.5"
3P 24SB to 17" 4N
3P 28SB 15-18.5"
2P 38N all 30-38"
2P 4M 39' & 41"
2P 30+N
2P 25+SB 7-18-19.5"
2P 36N 10SB
2P over 70N
2P 60+N
2P 5M 1-40" 1-43"
6P 105N
3P 31N to 35"
6P 250+N 8SB 1M
2P 38 Fish combo NP & SB
6P over 160N
3P 30+SB to 19.5" 1-44"M
6P over 300N
3P 51N 90% 28-34"
2P 40+N 20+SB
2P 8M
7P over 100N few SB to 18.5"
4P 92N
4P 50+ N 2M
2P 30+ SB 6-18-20"
3P 49N 14SB 1-18" 1-19"
4P 40+N
4P 50+SB 15-18" 1-20"
4P 66 SB & N
4P 27SB 3N
2P 26SB
3P 27N
2P 8M 2 at 40"+
3P 50+N
3P 29N all 29-33"
2P 38N
2P 37SB
3P 32N most 30-36"

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